NBA: Kevin Durant's trade is racing, three teams positioned

NBA: After his abortive departure, Kevin Durant settles his accounts




NBA: After his abortive departure, Kevin Durant settles his accounts

Posted on October 1, 2022 at 10:35 a.m. by Hugo Chirossel

Unhappy with his situation at the Nets, Kevin Durant asked to be transferred at the end of last June. Brooklyn’s No. 7 has finally stayed and is focused on the upcoming season. While the questions are numerous on this subject, the MVP 2014 wanted to push a rant.

Kevin Durant has had enough. While the season NBA will resume on October 19, the winger of the net is bombarded with questions about his restless summer. It must be said that it was one of the soap operas of this off-season. At the end of June, he had asked his leaders for his trade, even going so far as to demand the departures of Sean Marksgeneral manager, and Steve Nash, coach, to stay. In the absence of satisfactory offers and faced with the high demands of brooklyn, Kevin Durant was eventually forced to sue in New York.

“Can we move on to something else at some point”

Things seem to be going better within the New York franchise and Kevin Durant now focus on the coming season. Regarding his wish to see him leave Sean Marks and Steve Nashhe estimates that ” a lot of things were wrong », Reports USA Basketball. ” But I don’t want to talk about it now. We don’t have much time right now. ” The MVP 2014 is tired of journalists constantly asking him the same questions: “ can we move on to something else at some point “, he let go. ” What I mean is, I know it’s an interesting story. I know it took up most of the offseason and it sells paper. I am aware of it. But I haven’t missed any matches. I haven’t missed any workouts. I’m still there. So I hope we can move on. »

“I’m happy to be here now”

Kevin Durant also spoke about the decisive meeting with Steve Nash, Sean Marksas well as the owner of the Nets, Joe Tsai. ” I was pissed off and like a family they understood I was pissed off. They were okay with some things, so we talked about it. We expressed all our concerns and ways to improve things and everything worked out. I’m happy to be here now. I felt like we had a good team. It’s a place I said I wanted to be, and we’re starting to put something in place to be a strong team. So, to be honest, I thought that was still a good option, too. I didn’t want that to happen when we were playing. I still love my teammates, I love playing at Barclays Center. So I thought it would be an easy decision to come back and play, because I love basketball. This environment has been good for me for the past two years, although I had some doubts. But overall, thinking about it, I still like coming here and working. That’s what I estimated “, has explained Kevin Durant.

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