NBA 2K23: everything you need to know before embarking on MyCareer mode

NBA 2K23: everything you need to know before embarking on MyCareer mode



Available since September 9, NBA 2K23 offers many game modes, but none of them are more popular than MyCareer, which allows fans to create their avatar to compete online. Before getting started, however, it is good to know a few details.

Patience is required. For fans of basketball simulation on consoles, NBA 2K23 is – by far – the ultimate reference in the matter. This year, the game pays tribute to Michael Jordan, the best player in NBA history, through the “Jordan Challenge” which allows you to revisit his 15 greatest moments on the court. The MyCareer mode, in which you create an avatar to make it evolve in a virtual world called “The City”, remains the most popular among players.

Whether you are an experienced player or a novice, it is important to remember certain rules before launching an assault on the playgrounds and in conquering the NBA floors. Because the progress of the avatar is intimately linked to the virtual currency called VC (Virtual Currency) in the game. And like in real life, if the money is badly spent, the frustration of the player can quickly rise.

The player’s choice

The scenario of this NBA 2K23 allows you to follow your player, who will be nicknamed MP, throughout his career. This year, no college career or high school years, you go straight to the Draft where you can choose your favorite team. The first question to ask yourself is which player profile do you want to embody: an attacking playmaker, a back who defends like a brute, a pivot capable of dominating under the circle? The choice is vast, and a tool called “MyPlayer Builder” is available to generate the player of your dreams.

But beware. While you can test it in a match situation (3v3 or 5v5), it’s not easy to know all the intricacies of building a player, including how badges (particular skills tied to your profile) and attributes (a player’s general abilities) are distributed. Of course, no one is forcing you to follow the advice of others, and everyone is free to follow their whims. But when in doubt, French Youtubers are there to advise you on all these subjects. For instance :



The reality on the ground

Progressing your player in NBA 2K23 is clearly not a fast-paced operation. Unless you relieve your bank account of several tens of euros to buy virtual currency (which many do) in order to speed up the process, you will have to be patient for several days before having a player capable of rubbing shoulders with competition on the playgrounds of the City where you will have to choose an affiliation: the Knights, the Wildcats, the Beasts, or the Vipers.

Advancing in your career will be essential at first, in order to naturally collect VC via your NBA player salary (cheap paid initially), then afterwards via the sponsors who, as you become a rising star in the NBA, will offer you juicy contracts.

Develop your skills

Launching into NBA 2K23 can be difficult, even for experienced players. The shooting mechanics have been completely redesigned by the developers, the defense isn’t quite the same, and progress can be discouraging at times as it takes time to reach an acceptable level.

And yet. It must be kept in mind that, if learning is difficult, it also allows you to learn to master the subtleties of the game. Each gain of virtual currency allows you to improve your player’s abilities until he is ready to measure up to others.

NBA 2K23 is clearly a demanding game that requires time and investment. But the most motivated will be rewarded in the field without a shadow of a doubt. For those who prefer simple relaxation, other game modes are available, with different levels of difficulty. It’s a question of choice.

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