Narbonne: Entrepreneurship is possible thanks to Adie!

Narbonne: Entrepreneurship is possible thanks to Adie!



For more than 30 years, the Association for the Right to Economic Initiative has financed and supported business creators in an inclusive economy. In 2021, despite the Covid, the Narbonne and Carcassonne branches welcomed 384 people and enabled the creation or maintenance of 139 jobs thanks to the mobilization of 524,589 euros.

Eight years ago, Guillaume Garanchon wanted to open a hair salon in an apartment in downtown Narbonne. In trouble with the cautious banks on a concept deemed too innovative, the hairdresser turned to the Association for the right to economic initiative (Adie) which listened to him and followed him.

Initiated by the economist Maria Nowak and created in 1989, Adie is a solidarity association which defends the idea that everyone, even without capital and without a diploma, can become an entrepreneur if they have access to credit and professional support, personalized, based on trust, solidarity and responsibility.

Micro-credit for all

Restaurant owner, hairdresser, designer, travel agent, driver, video game developer, photographer, market gardener, sophrologist, painter, grocery store manager… the association funds all types of activities up to €12,000. It accompanies project leaders from the idea to the creation, then for three years in order to avoid failure and over-indebtedness.

This is how Guillaume’s case, well argued, with a guarantee from his family, went to committee. A week later, the money paid into his account allowed him to start. At the time of confinement, when the activity was at a standstill, the hairdresser resorted to temporary work to meet his needs before turning again to Adie to relaunch his salon with a contribution of cash. In one week, the file was completed and the financing granted with a repayment spread over three years.

“I strongly recommend Adie to anyone who wants to start a business. The support is benevolent, and the advice wise, testifies the entrepreneur. I appreciate this crowdfunding since part of the interest paid is used to finance other people”.

Note that since the health crisis, Guillaume’s salon, located at 1 rue Arago in Narbonne, has changed its hours. It is open continuously from Tuesday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. with late opening on Thursday until 9 p.m. so that its employees can benefit from a three-day weekend. Customers have adapted well and appreciate the availability and competence of this innovative team.

Café created this Monday, October 3

The Narbonne branch of Adie is organizing a creative café this Monday, October 3 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the social space place Bistan. In a round table and relaxation format, each participant will be able to present their activity or project, as well as the problems they encounter in order to reflect collectively on potential solutions. Whatever your status (job seeker, employee, micro-entrepreneur, SARL, etc.), you will be welcome.

Adie is looking for volunteers

Adie is appealing to volunteers wishing to support local entrepreneurs in order to help them make themselves known, prepare and develop their project, manage their business, investigate their request for financing and much more through many rich and varied missions. . This call for volunteers is aimed at everyone: retired, active, in professional transition or students.

Contact: Adie agency in Narbonne, IN’ESS building, 30 Avenue du Dr Paul Pompidor. Such. 09 69 32 81 10 or 07 56 30 79 19. Information on and facebook page.

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