Myles Turner admiring the evolution of Luka Doncic's Mavericks

Myles Turner admiring the evolution of Luka Doncic’s Mavericks



Pending departure from Indiana, there is no doubt that Myles Turner would have appreciated bouncing back to Dallas, he who grew up in the suburbs of the Texas city.

The franchise of Mark Cuban has opted for other profiles by recovering Christian Wood and JaVale McGee, which does not prevent Myles Turner from having a wise look at the course of the Mavericks over the past fifteen years, with the Dirk era Nowitzki first, which allowed Dallas to win its first title.

“I feel like basketball has been making huge waves here, if only for the last ten years. And I want it to continue to attract more and more talent to the region. There’s no better place to start than where I’m from”he declared on the occasion of the holding of his fourth annual camp for children, during which he democratized the practice of his favorite sport, between fun and rigor.

Luka Doncic, the number 1 asset

After Dirk Nowitzki, it was Luka Doncic who took up the torch and once again seems able to take Dallas to the top. For Myles Turner, the Slovenian is already one of the major players in the league.

“Clearly, he’s up there. Whether it’s the way he sees the game, the way he’s able to involve everyone, the class he plays with and embodies, it’s rare. Especially for a player as young as him. He arrived in this league killing everything from the start”he added. “I think he will continue to work on his body and on the facets of his game. In terms of pure talent, he already has everything in hand. So I hope he stays in Dallas for years to come. But it’s interesting to see how he was able to garner so much success so quickly.

Luka Doncic’s Mavericks have not yet accomplished anything since before thinking about the title, we must already reach the NBA Finals. A first step was taken this season, however, with participation in the Western Conference Finals, a first step that visibly marked the spirits, and which Myles Turner witnessed up close since he was seen at the American Airlines Center during the Texans campaign.

“The atmosphere was electric. It’s already something to play at the American Airlines Center during the season. But there, the Mavericks playoffs were also interesting to watch from the sidelines. I had been to a Mavericks playoff game when I was little, but I was really young and couldn’t enjoy it the same way. There, it was cool to see.

What give him ideas for the rest of his career, even if to also get involved in the fight for the title in the short term, it will be imperative for him to leave Indiana, currently embarked on a major reconstruction.

Myles Turner Percentage Bounces
Season Crew GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early pd party Int bp CT Points
2015-16 IND 60 23 49.8 21.4 72.7 1.1 4.4 5.5 0.7 2.6 0.4 1.1 1.4 10.3
2016-17 IND 81 31 51.0 34.5 80.9 1.7 5.6 7.3 1.3 3.2 0.9 1.3 2.1 14.5
2017-18 IND 65 28 47.9 35.7 77.7 1.4 5.0 6.4 1.3 2.9 0.6 1.5 1.8 12.7
2018-19 IND 74 29 48.7 38.8 73.6 1.4 5.8 7.2 1.6 2.6 0.8 1.4 2.7 13.3
2019-20 IND 62 30 45.7 34.4 75.1 1.4 5.2 6.6 1.2 2.7 0.7 1.4 2.1 12.1
2020-21 IND 47 31 47.7 33.5 78.2 1.3 5.2 6.5 1.0 3.5 0.9 1.4 3.4 12.6
2021-22 IND 42 29 50.9 33.3 75.2 1.6 5.5 7.1 1.1 2.8 0.7 1.3 2.8 12.9
Total 431 29 48.9 34.8 76.8 1.4 5.3 6.7 1.2 2.9 0.7 1.3 2.3 12.7

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