must-have topics for Gen Z in 2022

must-have topics for Gen Z in 2022



A report that lists the key themes of Generation Z

With its Trend Report, Instagram wants to draw up a table of the key themes for Generation Z in 2022. This report is based on a survey conducted by YPulse, in October 2021, among 1,200 social media users, aged 13 at 24, in the United States.

We tapped into the minds of Gen Z to learn more about Instagram’s growing trends, in categories like music, fashion, designers & celebrities, beauty and social justice. From redefining how they approach education and the idea of ​​”career,” to maximalist fashion statements, these forward-looking young people are constantly creating the reality they want to live in, Instagram explains.

10 must-have topics in 2022 for Gen Z

Instagram’s Trend Report highlights 10 key themes that will make 2022 on the social network.

1. Fashion and beauty

According to the report, 50% of teenagers and young adults will be betting on alternative fashion in 2022, with styles such as Dark Academia, Goblincore and nostalgic clothing style. On the beauty side, 1 out of 3 young adults is interested in the composition of beauty and make-up products. They will favor creams with a natural composition, vegan make-up and will use fewer products in general for their beauty routine.

2. Shopping

In 2022, Generation Z expects new online shopping experiences, and bets on more responsible consumption. Thus, 27% of teenagers and young adults are considering in-app shopping experiences, directly from their feeds on social networks. On the other hand, 23% of respondents want to buy second-hand clothes online and 24% want to participate in better consumption by reselling their clothes via an online sales site or via social networks.

Among the most popular hashtags in this category:

  • #shopsmall
  • #shoplocal
  • #shopsmallbusinesses
  • #shopsmallfirst
  • #sustainablefashion

3. Music and dance

The short video format offers a new way to discover music, as well as an innovative musical experience. Thus, 70% of teenagers expect to discover new sounds and artists via social networks in 2022. Among them, 1 in 3 also wants to see more dance challenges.

4. Celebrities and creators

For 83% of respondents, content creators have as much influence as influencers, or more. Of these, 4 in 5 say online and social media celebrities have more influence in culture than so-called “traditional” celebrities, such as actors.

5. Career and Education

More than ever, Generation Z is reassessing education and their career goals. 90% of respondents believe the best education comes from real world experiences, pointing to the high cost of continuing education. Aware of the harmful nature of allowing oneself to be defined or consumed by one’s work, 68% say that the “work is what I have to do” but “not the most important thing in my life”. While 71% of respondents agree with the statement “I prefer meaningful work, even if it means less pay”.


In 2022, young adults will continue to experiment with complex recipes and other innovative techniques in their kitchens. More than 1 in 4 of them want to try baking their own bread or try exotic recipes. While millennials (1 in 6) show a growing interest in molecular gastronomy.

Among the most popular hashtags for this category:

  • #food
  • #comfortfood
  • #veganfoodie
  • #foodblogger

7. Wellness

Generation Z places particular importance on mental health. Young adults want to make life choices based on the impact it will have on their emotional health. By 2022, this means 1 in 3 will continue to engage in activities that preserve their mental health, such as guided meditation. While 1 in 4 young adults plans to take up creative activities such as drawing, painting or music. For the coming year, respondents would therefore like to adopt a holistic approach to well-being, ie taking care of all aspects of their lives. This goes through physical exercises, mainly at home, exploring their creativity, and taking care of where they live.


In 2022, interest in gaming will increase. For young adults, video games represent both a social platform and a means of escape. Thus, 3 out of 10 want to watch others play video games through livestreams. 1 in 5 teenagers would also like to see new experiences such as virtual reality concerts become popular in 2022.

9. Memes

Faced with the uncertainty in which the current period plunges them, young adults are betting on the field of expression that the memes represent today. The irony and honesty involved in creating memes also make them a salient reflection of today’s society. As such, 29% of respondents expect to be confronted with more absurd humor in 2022.

10. Social Justice

According to the report, many young people from Generation Z show strong online engagement, which sometimes translates into social actions. 52% of respondents say they follow accounts on social networks that focus on social justice and inform about activism. A commitment that will continue to grow in 2022, while 37% of respondents plan to donate part of their savings to causes that are close to their hearts.

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