Miss Normandy 2022: who are the three candidates from Caen?

Miss Normandy 2022: who are the three candidates from Caen?


The three Caen candidates for the Miss Normandy 2022 election. ©Anthony Passant

They are 12 candidates and only one will become the news Miss Normandy 2022. The big winner will be known on Friday October 21 after the election night which takes place at Carré des Docks in Le Havre.

Among the 12 candidates, seven are from Calvados and three from Caen : Fanny Jin, 24 years old, Perrine Prunier, 23 years old and Liza Delaunay, 24 years old. Will one of them follow the same path asAmandine Smallregionally crowned last year before becoming Miss France?

“A rewarding adventure”

In full preparation for the big show on Friday evening, they took the time to present themselves for the writing of Freedom Actu.fr.

At 24, Liza Delaunay does not regret having tried the adventure. Especially since it was a friend who signed her up for the casting without telling her. “When I came back from vacation, I discovered an email to pass the casting”, she laughs. A graduate in marketing and communication strategy, she is currently in charge of insurance communication.

I don’t regret going to the casting at all. It’s an enriching adventure both humanly and professionally because you gain in ease in public.

Liza Denaulay
Liza Delaunay, 24 years old.
Liza Delaunay, 24 years old. ©Anthony Passant

It’s the same approach that motivates Fanny, in her second year of a Master’s degree in corporate finance. Registered in secret by her brother, the young woman thanks him for this step.

I had spoken with my relatives about the election but I had never dared to send my candidacy.

Fanny Jin
Fanny Jin, 24 years old.
Fanny Jin, 24 years old. ©Anthony Passant

Perrine, she already knows this experience since she was third runner-up to Youssra Askri, the current Miss Normandy. At 23, the one who has just finished her law studies, decided to try the adventure again.

It’s an enriching experience, you meet new people. I learned a lot about myself with the first election, in particular ease on stage and speaking.

Perrine Prunier
Perrine Prunier, 23 years old.
Perrine Prunier, 23 years old. ©Anthony Passant

Amandine Petiten President

The twelve candidates will parade in front of a jury made up of personalities from Normandy, including the president, Amandine SmallMiss France 2021. Exceptional guests, Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022) and Youssra Askry (Miss Normandy 2021 and fourth runner-up to Miss France) will be present. The theme for the evening will be Gatsby the magnificent. The Misses will parade in six different scenes, in costumes, in swimsuits…

Videos: currently on Actu

How to vote?

Like last year, the public can vote for their favorite candidate. Everything is done by SMS. Just send NORMANDIE + the number of the candidate to 71415 (0.75 cts/SMS + Price of an SMS), during the day of Friday October 21 from 8 am to 8 pm.
The candidate who will have the most votes by SMS, will be qualified among the finalists. In the room, the public will have a ballot where they can enter the number of their favorite candidate. The five candidates most favored by the room and the candidate who came out on top in the SMS votes, will face the members of the jury.
The candidates’ numbers can be found on the Committee’s Instagram (comitemissnormandieoff) and Facebook (missnormandieoff) page.

Signing in Caen on Sunday

After the election, the new Miss Normandy will be at a signing session on Saturday October 22 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Docks Vauban shopping center in Le Havre then in Caen on Sunday 23 at the Fêno (Norman excellence festival) which is held in the park exhibitions.

Miss Normandy will then fly off with the other regional Misses on a preparation trip for Miss France, to Guadeloupe. The national election will take place on December 17 in Châteauroux.

Practice. Election to follow on the Youtube channel “Miss Normandie Officiel”, Friday October 21 from 8:30 p.m.

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