Calendrier Saison NBA 2022-2023 Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves – 2022-23 NBA Season Schedule



It’s ready, it’s official: the 2022-23 NBA season schedule has finally fallen! With takeoff scheduled for Tuesday, October 18, 2022 and landing announced for April 10, 2023, the time has come to pack your bags and check your tickets. So we don’t waste time, and we immediately check the 100% basketball program of the Minnesota Timberwolves!

A red pen in one hand, the calendar of his favorite franchise in the other, and we take notes in his TrashTalk Diary!

But what can this group of young wolves give with Rudy Gobert and more in the paint? This has been the question that has been plaguing every NBA fan for several weeks. Because if the Minnesota team had already been attractive last season despite their elimination against the Grizzlies in the first round of the Playoffs, they seem even more intriguing to us today, which leads us to take a close look at their schedule for the 2022-23 financial year. First remark: Wolves will play a lot at home at the start of the season (9 of the first 12 games) and a lot away at the end of the season (17 of the last 26 games). That being said, your tickets well reserved and checked to avoid finding yourself in the wrong room, so we can move on to the analysis concerning the level of the opponents, which is… let’s say changing.

Well, already, when you have the Thunder (twice), the Spurs (twice) and the Jazz to start, you have to start the season 5-0. Afterwards, facing the Lakers, Suns, Bucks or even Grizzlies who land just behind, we will necessarily be less demanding. But this alternation between hard and less hard is a reflection of Minnesota’s season, which on paper does not present long series of very difficult matches to tackle. The months of December and February will perhaps be a little more delicate, but all the same far from being insurmountable. Be careful, however, of the number of back-to-backs (14) and the fatigue generated, which can end up weighing when the matches are played on details at the end of the meeting. Hence the importance of remaining consistent and focused throughout the season, especially when you see the number of games on the road in March as explained above.

# Longest road trip: 5 games from December 9 to December 16, very affordable in view of the opponents (Jazz, Blazers twice, Clippers and Thunder).

# Longest home session: 6 matches from January 27 to February 5, enough to recharge the batteries before starting the last third.

# National broadcast matches (TNT + ESPN + ABC): 10, some will say that it is not enough, others that they would dream of it.

# Number of games played back-to-back: 14, will have to be wary.

# Matches at schedule French for the Bulls :

  • 11/25 in Charlotte (11 p.m.)
  • 11/27 vs. Warriors (9:30 p.m.)
  • 01/16 vs. Jazz (10 p.m.)
  • 04/02 vs. Portland (9:30 p.m.)
  • 08/04 in San Antonio (10 p.m.)
  • 04/09 vs. Pelicans (9:30 p.m.)

# A few posters to remember: Rudy’s return to Salt Lake City? But yes of course we have that. So ! On December 9 for the first time, and on February 8 for a second time, knowing that Jazz and Wolves will also face each other in Minneapolis on October 21, for their second meeting of the season, and on January 16. Then, November 7 and March 20 correspond to the dates of confrontation between Minnesota and New York, that is to say two Franco-French Rudy-Vavane duels. And then we do not lose sight of the match against Memphis on January 27 as part of Rivals Week after the superb series of starvations that the two franchises offered us during the last Playoffs. Besides, don’t you want to see how Joel Embiid is going to fare against a Towns-Gobert racquet, two great friends of his? To get the answer, see you on November 19 and March 7!

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