La Mégane E-Tech est bien placée pour devenir l

Michelin has the Renault Mégane E-Tech market blown by Goodyear



Michelin capped at the post? It seems that Goodyear has taken most of the equipment for the new Mégane E-Tech, Renault’s electric car which has a good chance of climbing the European podium in the segment. The American tire manufacturer has confirmed that it has been chosen to equip 100% of the 20-inch versions of this model, ie 80% of sales. Michelin, he monopolizes 45% of the lower size (18 inches). Thus, Goodyear imposes itself as original equipment on three quarters of the Mégane E-Tech factory outlets.

No official figures

For Michelin, it’s a snub. The French tire manufacturer prided itself on being the leader in tires for electric cars in Europe. Except that no figures come to corroborate this assertion. Especially since it is contested by all of its competitors who are also claiming the place of leader (Bridgestone and Pirelli in particular). Because by losing the Mégane market, Michelin is missing out on a strategic market.

With more than 20,000 orders in the first two months of marketing, Renault’s new electric sedan is doing better than expected and its rise in power could quickly propel it to the European podium in this very dynamic market. Remember, moreover, that Michelin was the exclusive equipment supplier of the Renault Zoé, long number one in Europe, but which will cease its marketing by 2023 in favor of a new generation of electric car with the R5. While waiting to know how Michelin will be positioned on the latter, its market share could mechanically decline in this segment after the extinction of the Zoé.

The electric car, a new challenge for tire manufacturers

As a reminder, tire wear is 20% higher on an electric car compared to a conventional internal combustion engine car due to stronger torque in acceleration and deceleration, but also due to higher weight due to electric batteries. It is significant. The tire manufacturers have therefore designed specific tires in order to limit the impact, in particular by reducing rolling resistance.

The electric car wears out the tires too quickly, the manufacturers are rubbing their hands

Therefore, the electric car segment is a new challenge for them, with more sophisticated tires and therefore with higher added value. This is even more true on sporty premium electric cars where there is even more pressure on the tyres. While tire manufacturers have all developed specific ranges (E-Primacy at Michelin, Electre at Pirelli, etc.), Goodyear uses its classic range, the characteristics of which it deems already sufficient. Thus, the Efficient Grip Performance family, which will therefore equip Mégane E-Tech, greatly reduces rolling resistance, a highly sought-after feature to increase the range of electric cars.

At Michelin, we relativize the scope of this commercial disappointment. According to a spokesperson, the Clermont firm’s market share in the electric car segment is twice as high as in thermal cars. In addition, original equipment represents only 10% of the company’s tire sales. In other words, Michelin gives appointment to the owners of Megane E-Tech at the next tire replacement, which, in fact, should occur sooner than usual.