La jeune star NBA des Charlotte Hornets, LaMelo Ball, voit régulièrement le propriétaire de la franchise, Michael Jordan, débarquer à l'entrainement de l'équipe

Michael Jordan explains why he stays away from Hornets players



After a career as a distinguished player, which today allows him to very regularly receive GOAT status, Michael Jordan could pass on his knowledge to the Hornets, which he leads today. He refuses however, and justified this choice to The Team.

A true lover of his sport, he could not reasonably walk away from it abruptly after 15 illustrious seasons in the league. Michael Jordan therefore never really left the NBA, of which he obviously marked the history as a player. A time became executive, the legend of the Bulls has finally reoriented in the offices, and has occupied for more than 10 years the chair of owner of the Hornets.

Under his leadership, however, the franchise did not meet the success it had on the courts. With only three contested playoff campaigns, and three eliminations in the first round, his record at the head of Charlotte is so far extremely dull. However, MJ refuses to go as close as possible to his players to set an example for them, for several very specific reasons.

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Passing through Paris in 2015 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his brand, Jordan then entrusted The Team that he had not intervened with his players for some time:

I watch training, but I don’t do it with them anymore. I’m too old for that now, but I watch them from above. I give them advice when they ask me for it. But in the end, I stay involved in the game, and that’s what I want.

If he therefore prefers to keep a distance worthy of an owner, Mike was convinced that he could still outclass Kemba Walker & Co. one-on-one!

I’m sure I would be able to beat them, so I’m not doing it so as not to destroy their self-confidence. I stay away, and let them think they’re good! But I’m too old for that anyway.

Most Hornets of the era escaped this humiliation, but poor Michael Kidd-Gilchrist did not. In 2013, during his first season in the league, the latter thus revealed to Kurt Helin and NBC Sports having faced His Airness in a duel. A memory that must still haunt him:

I played him one-on-one once, and it was tough for me. I lost. I lost to a 50 year old guy. But hey, he’s my boss. He is the best player in history. (…) No, I didn’t even let him win. All because he’s my boss? Nope.

Despite his relative old age and his obvious lack of physical form, Jordan would therefore have taken over a rookie in full possession of his means. An experience which had also pushed the young winger to consider without problem a return of his superior on the floors:

It wouldn’t shock me at all. He always has what it takes. It’s the truth.

For Michael Jordan, it is better that he stays in the shadows at the Hornets, under penalty of ridiculing his players by defeating them in one-on-one. And those who know the character well will understand that he was absolutely not joking when he delivered these remarks!

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