Miami Heat - 2022-23 NBA Season Schedule

Miami Heat – 2022-23 NBA Season Schedule



It’s ready, it’s official: the 2022-23 NBA season schedule has finally fallen! With takeoff scheduled for Tuesday, October 18, 2022 and landing announced for April 10, 2023, the time has come to pack your bags and check your tickets. So we waste no time, and check the Miami Heat’s 100% basketball program right away!

A red pen in one hand, the calendar of his favorite franchise in the other, and we take notes in his TrashTalk Diary!

Passed very close to the NBA Finals last year, the guys of Erik Spoelstra are rarely cited among the big favorites but provide season after season. This year should also be no exception to the rule, since the hard core is substantially the same. Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo will hold the house, Kyle Lowry lost some cheeks this summer and Victor Oladipo wants to prove to us that he is one of the best players in the world. Floridian calendar.

Chicago, then Boston, the first two games of the Heat are not gifts, finally it will allow Miami to warm up at home. The matchups against Toronto (twice) and Golden State (twice) just behind are nice for us but will have to be negotiated well. Just before a big piece, Vice City will be able to breathe a little with the reception of Spurs then trips to Indiana, Houston, Oklahoma City and again San Antonio in mid-December. The chunk we’re talking about just happens right for mid-season, since from December 28 until January 24, the Heat will hit the Lakers twice, Denver, Clippers, Phoenix, Brooklyn, Milwaukee twice, Dallas and Boston. You’ll have to hold on tight because it might sting. You will have understood, the schedule of the Heat is loaded but not enough to scare Jimmy Butler and co, who have seen others.

# Longest road trip: 5 matches from December 30 to January 6, which promise to be intense.

# Longest home session: 6 meetings under the Florida sun, from March 1 to 10.

# National broadcast matches (TNT + ESPN + ABC): 11, which is ten plus one. You’re welcome.

# Number of games played back-to-back: 14 is going to sweat hard in Miami

# Matches at schedule French for the Heat:

  • 11/27 in Atlanta (11 p.m.)
  • 10/12 vs Spurs (11pm)
  • 17/12 at Spurs (11 p.m.)
  • 01/14 vs. Milwaukee (7 p.m.)
  • 01/16 in Atlanta (9:30 p.m.)
  • 01/22 vs. Pelicans (9:30 p.m.)
  • 01/29 in Charlotte (7 p.m.)
  • 03/19 in Detroit (11 p.m.)
  • 09/04 vs. Orlando (7 p.m.)

# A few posters to remember: for the Heat, we will watch as every year the return of LeBron to the FTX Arena, it will be December 28. Obviously, we will also closely scrutinize the sequence of big matches mentioned above and which will run from December 28 to January 24. A real test for Team Pat Riley, this combo allows us to gauge the Heat’s ability to get out of adversity. Well, at the same time, it’s not as if we really doubted it. Come on, another nice little event, the reunion of the brothers… Martin (yes, we’re hyped to death!), which will still take place four times (November 10 and 12, January 29 and February 25). Finally, we can’t wait to see the remake of the last Conference Finals against Boston (October 21, November 30, December 2 and January 24).

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