La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, a livré des propos alarmants pour le reste de la ligue après la victoire de son équipe face aux Sacramento Kings

Massive change coming to the league, LeBron James in charge?!



LeBron James’ importance to the NBA remains immense, even as the King approaches his 38th birthday. The latter could also play a major role in the next upheaval that is about to hit the league!

To imagine that he is simply content to resume training gently at this time of year would be naive. At the same time as it recharges the batteries, and that he’s making the buzz on the networks with his crazy moves, LeBron James takes advantage of the summer to manage his business cases. An exercise in which he is just as comfortable as on the NBA floors.

At the head of many successful companies, and the face of a plethora of big brands, the King knows a lot about profitable investments. This does not prevent him from continuing his domination in the league at almost 38 years old. It could also be that he will very soon seek to combine these two areas to occupy his future sporting retirement.

LeBron James, boss of the future Las Vegas team?

In the latest episode of his podcast On The Ball, the famous American insider Ric Bucher spoke briefly about a career path that is available to LeBron, namely that of NBA leader. The Chosen One itself had recently claimed that he would like to take on this role in the future, and more precisely… in Las Vegas. According to the journalist, he would be well placed to achieve this XXL objective!

LeBron James is reportedly in pole position to become the owner of the Las Vegas franchise, which is expected to appear in the next NBA expansion. From what I’m told, Las Vegas and Seattle should get a team back as soon as the next TV deals are in place. All of this should have big repercussions, including the timing at which LeBron will decide to take to the skies, and trade his player costume for that of owner.

In other words, LeBron James could be placed at the head of the franchise being created in Vegas from… 2025. The current TV contract which links the NBA to Disney will indeed end at the end of the 2024-25 season, and its amount should be revised to increase at this time. A timing that seems perfect for the leader of the Lakers, whose ultimate goal at the end of his career is to evolve with his eldest son, Bronny.

The latter will be able to claim to join the league during the 2024 Draft, and could thus carry out his rookie season alongside his father. LeBron would then let him fly on his own, and why not be able to recruit him in Las Vegas. A project that is fiction for the time being, but for which the quadruple MVP could receive a thumbs up from a huge athlete !

The ambitions of LeBron James are confirmed, he who has clearly placed himself to become the owner of the future franchise based in Las Vegas. The King would therefore hold the reins in this case, and already seems to have found the perfect conversion!

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