Martin Lawrence Suggests Will Smith Oscars Slap Won’t Keep Another “Bad Boys” From Happening


There hasn’t been much said about the Will Smith- Chris Rock moment from the Oscars before this time, but the goods are still being bandied. After Smith walked up to Rock and smacked him during the Academy Awards, observers watched in real- time as the Fresh Prince star who spent the wholeness of his career as a wholesome, cherished figure in Hollywood — set up his character being called into question.


In reports that incontinently followed, gossip spread about systems tied to Smith being placed on hold or dismissed altogether. Prior to the poke heard’ round the world, Smith and his Bad Boysco-star Martin Lawrence were said to have been in addresses to release another film in the ballot.
The brace’s first Bad Boys film dates back to 1995, and since that time there have been several others that have followed. Lawrence spoke about that time in his life with Ebony magazine during his cover point for their July issue.

“ It was big, ” the actor said of the impact Bad Boys had on both him and the culture at the time. “ For us to come together and prove that we can deliver, and we can pull people into the box office — that two Black stars, two sitcom stars, could make plutocrat at the box office( was huge). I did n’t go to council, so I felt television was my council times, ” explains Lawrence. “ I felt with pictures, I had graduated; it was just different. ”

Ebony reported that Lawrence also put rumors to rest and said that the Oscars poke will not hamper them from moving forward with a fourth Bad Boys film.

“We got one more at least,” Lawrence reportedly said.

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