Marketing through Seminars and Presentations for Big Results



Marketing through Seminars and Presentations for Big Results

▌Many of my clients turn to speaking at chambers of commerce and other networking organizations to generate business. This is a wonderful method for building credibility and getting free publicity, especially when you’re in a creative industry that often needs examples and samples to get people to hire you.

Seminars are a great way for potential clients to “test out” your services without fully committing yourself. Often, when a potential client sees you at a seminar, they’re so impressed and convinced that you’re the right person to hire that they can’t wait to hand you a check.

  • Wedding planners can hold seminars for couples or brides on how to plan the perfect wedding.
  • Interior designers can present a program on window treatments and decorative accessories.
  • Artists can hold wall painting programs in themed children’s rooms.
  • Web designers could promote a seminar on creating websites that turn visitors into customers.
  • Graphic designers could give a presentation on corporate branding.

Unfortunately, having an interesting subject and attracting a large number of people to your program is not enough, and many people do not exploit this golden opportunity enough to turn participants into customers.

Here are several ways to increase your attendee-to-client ratio after your next intervention.


  • Find out in advance how the organization plans to market the program and participate in marketing.
  • Offer to write articles for their website or newsletter.
  • Write a program description filled with BENEFITS of what the participant will get from attending the program.
  • Send a notice to your contact list inviting them to the program.
  • Add program information to your website.
  • Take the opportunity to invite potential customers to see you in action.
  • Encourage the organization to send at least one print article about the program to its members, in addition to its online marketing efforts.

There’s a big difference between running an infomercial and doing subtle marketing from the platform. Be careful not to make blatant commercial speech during your program. You must always bring VALUE to the participants.

Make sure your contact information – including your website and phone number – is on every document and piece of information given to attendees.

During the seminar, provide examples by telling stories of other projects you have done. Of course, you don’t have to divulge sensitive details about your customers, but the real-world examples not only help the audience learn, but also understand the types of products and/or services you offer.


Encourage the organization to do a direct mail after the program – even if it’s by email – with an article written by you that helps tie your seminar together and gives extra VALUE to attendees.

  • Mention during the program that you are willing to send attendees information about a specific part of the program if they give you their card. Tell them to write YES on the back of their card if they want to receive this additional information and be added to your mailing list. Tell them to write YES/NO if they want the information, but don’t want to be added to your mailing list.
  • Send the promised information within 48 hours of the program.

Call any attendees who inquired or talked to you after the program and who seem like potential customers and invite them over for coffee to find out more about their business.

By putting more thought and effort into these free conferences, you’ll maximize the number of attendees you turn into customers and make these engagements more profitable. Now go ahead and earn money!

By Kirstin Carey

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