Marketing specialist, the Rennes group MV Group strengthens its data strategy

Marketing specialist, the Rennes group MV Group strengthens its data strategy



Relying on external growth and the creation of a new subsidiary, MV Group is accelerating the structuring of an offer around data. “Today, data is everywhere. It is essential to make good use of it to improve the performance of devices and more generally of companies”explained Olivier Méril, the founder of MV Group, last February.

Acquisition of Neptune Media

In mid-September, MV Group acquired the French group Neptune Media, renamed NM Data. Presented as a great specialist in the knowledge, processing and use of marketing data, it was founded by Stéphane Barthélemy, who wanted to hand over. Now led by Marc de Fougerolles, its managing director, NM Data is structured around four agencies, specializing in marketing data for prospecting and building loyalty in B2B and B2C. NM Data employs 50 people between Paris, Tours and Strasbourg.

“35 recruitments are planned in the coming months for NM Data in Paris, Rennes, Tours or Strasbourg”, says Olivier Méril. Through this acquisition, MV Group strengthens its data skills. The Rennes group was already positioned in this segment via Avanci, an entity based in Tours and acquired in 2017. Avanci specializes in customer loyalty through data intelligence and predictivity. This structure, which counts Bioderma, Truffaut, IKKS or Picard as clients, will retain this activity, with NM Data focusing on acquisition strategies.

A new subsidiary created

MV Group today indicates that a hundred of its 400 employees are now specialized in data. It is on these teams that Ebit-data, the new subsidiary created by MV Group, will rely. This structure specializes in another segment: data processing to accelerate the financial performance of companies, and optimize their management and Ebidta. To create Ebit-data, MV Group is joining forces with Nicolas Flaud, who was notably the general manager of Vibs, Cache-Cache and Bréal within the Beaumanoir group.

“We already had data-visualization tools, but thanks to an innovative and pragmatic data method from Nicolas Flaud, we will be able to operate it at 360° and offer it to companies to accelerate their profitable and responsible growth”, explains Olivier Méril. A first contract with a textile brand is mentioned.

75 million euros in expected turnover

With the acquisition of NM Data (15 million euros in turnover), MV Group can project 75 million euros in turnover for its consolidated 2022 financial year, with organic growth of around 20%. In 2021, the Rennes group, which today has 12 subsidiaries, reached 53 million euros in turnover, with growth of 30%.

In 2023, the activity of NM Data should generate 18 million euros in turnover, that of Ebit-data 500,000 euros with a team of five employees. MV Group now has 400 employees spread over its agencies in Rennes, Paris, Tours, Nantes, Bordeaux Toulouse, Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Strasbourg and Lille.

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