Marketing influence: increasingly important in case studies and in student dissertations

Marketing influence: increasingly important in case studies and in student dissertations



Digital has completely revolutionized business communication. Digital technology has, for example, given rise to influence marketing, an essential part of student case studies and dissertations. Spotlight on this specialty essential to an effective marketing strategy.

What is Influencer Marketing?

With the advent of the internet and especially that of social networks, companies had to learn to communicate in a new way. In addition to nurturing their online community, they absolutely must convert new people. To promote their products or services, they trust ambassadors or influencers. These people, recognized as experts, have a community that will in turn adhere to the product mentioned. Thanks to influence marketing, brands can obtain more visibility, work on their e-reputation, their brand image and/or improve their sales.

Influencer Marketing and Strategy

It is impossible to discuss influence marketing without the phenomenon of influencers. However, these real stars of the Net represent only a tiny part of influencer marketing. The stamps of influencers are, in fact, not within the reach of all brands. Yet every business can do influencer marketing on its own scale. To learn more about this specialty, find here the Reech 2022 study on marketing influence. According to this document, written by one of the largest influencer marketing agencies, “84% of advertisers believe that influencers bring value to the brands they work with”. This complete study presents the key players in the sector, then returns to the key phase of choosing influencers. From the first moments of this collaboration to the management of the campaigns: no detail is forgotten.

What levers for effective influence marketing?

Thanks to the smartphone, prospects are always within reach of brands. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok have become preferred platforms for promoting their products. A mix of classic advertising and influencer marketing maximizes an advertiser’s presence on the networks. By entrusting part of its communication to ambassadors or influencers, a company reaches its target with a guarantee. The chances of convincing are thus much greater. Several types of collaboration are possible:

  • sponsored content (paid collaboration);
  • the Buzz Kit (sending products to test);
  • unboxing (opening of packages filmed);
  • invitation to events;
  • trips offered (for the hotel and tourism sectors);
  • take-over (an influencer takes the reins of a company’s social networks for a given period).

Sometimes much more interesting than the stars, the micro-influencer has a smaller community, but also more qualified. Customers and employee ambassadors also allow them to benefit from strong voices. As digital is constantly evolving, new influencer marketing case studies regularly appear. This facet of digital marketing also offers many opportunities for writing exciting and promising memoirs.

Just 10 years ago, influencer marketing was in its infancy. It is now a key subject for case studies, but also for student dissertations. Far from clichés, influencer marketing has become the cornerstone of a successful digital strategy.

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