Malaysia Airlines buys 20 new planes from Airbus - Should we buy AIR stock?

Malaysia Airlines buys 20 new planes from Airbus – Should we buy AIR stock?



Airbus news as of 08/16/2022

The acquisition of the A330neo is a natural transition from our current A330ceo fleet. The A330neo will not only modernize the fleet and improve operational efficiency, but also meet environmental objectives through reduced fuel consumption per seat says Izham Ismail, CEO Malaysia Aviation Group, parent company of Malaysia Airlines.

According to a research note published by its analyst Chloe Lemarie, Jefferies maintains its buy advice on the Airbus stock with a price target that remains at 145 euros.

Airbus (AIR) price: what is the current price?

Here is the live course from Airbus. This may interest you: Meta Platforms stock Opinion: should you buy Facebook (FB) stock at the current price?.

What is Airbus? What you need to know

Airbus is a world leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of aeronautical goods, services and solutions. The group is at the forefront of the aerospace industry, with more than 130,000 employees. It is the largest aeronautics and space company in Europe.

The group prides itself on regularly winning nearly half of commercial aircraft orders and delivering the most innovative aircraft

More than 50,000 Airbus employees work directly on Airbus aircraft, while others work in engineering, sales, training and other areas around the world.

The group has more than 1,500 suppliers and maintains partnerships with various companies around the world. About a third of Airbus components are made in the United States. A large part of the subassemblies is produced in the facilities of partner companies; for example, all the wings of Airbus aircraft are built in the UK, while the tail parts are made in Spain.

The various aircraft parts are transported to final assembly plants in France, Germany and China by road, rail, barge, ship and plane.

Opinion on what is driving down Airbus (AIR) stock

Airbus stock can be negatively impacted by a number of factors. See the article: Verizon (VZ) Stock Review – Should You Buy Today? Our opinion, analysis and prediction 2022.

  • Restrictions related to Covid-19 (stopping commercial flights for too long can lead to cancellations of aircraft orders)

  • Cancellation of aircraft orders

  • Loss of market share

  • Downward revision of aircraft delivery targets

  • Decline in turnover

  • Supply chain issues

Opinion on what makes Airbus (AIR) stock rise

Airbus stock can be positively impacted by a number of factors. On the same subject : OVH share opinion (OVH) – Should you invest now? Our opinion, analysis and prediction 2022.

  • Announcements of new technologies that equip aircraft

  • Aircraft delivery targets revised upwards

  • Increases in aircraft orders

  • Market share gain

  • Anti-Covid restrictions lifted

Conclusion of our opinion on the Airbus share: is it a good investment?

Notice of Airbus action in the medium term

Airbus is gradually recovering from the fall in the sector in 2020. The group’s stock has since started an uptrend. Even if there are downturns at times, the price rises in the medium term.

Long-term Airbus action notice

The group will fully recover from the effects of Covid by 2024. Airbus shares are expected to return to pre-crisis prices at around 133 euros.

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