La photo flippante de Luka Doncic dans la rue après sa blessure

Luka Doncic’s update that can scare the competition!



Like James Harden this summer, Luka Doncic has lost a lot of weight. The Slovenian was known for his excesses, despite his consistently impressive performances on the court. But in recent weeks, the player has wanted to take a step forward, which may scare off the competition. The opponents of the Mavericks in the West are warned.

After two rounds in the last playoffs, Luka Doncic tasted postseason victory for the first time in his NBA career. He fell short against the Warriors, sure, but Dallas put on an alluring face in the West, though now needs to be confirmed. Jalen Brunson left ship, while Christian Wood reinforced the interior sector. We also have a small idea of ​​the starting 5, with a big surprise.

While waiting to see how things will unfold on the floor, Dallas can rub their hands. For the first time since arriving across the Atlantic, Doncic decided to work on her weight. As a reminder, journalist Tim MacMahon had confirmed that the Slovenian always arrives overweight at training camp in the past, which takes place in September. Not necessarily by a lot, but these are unmistakable signs.

Luka Doncic ready to take a step forward in Dallas!

This year ? No way to make the same mistakes. The work began at the end of the season for Doncic, who wanted to lose weight, to come back even stronger with the Mavericks, but also with his Slovenian team for the Euro. It is his personal trainer, Martin Pavcnik, who reveals more about the player’s program, and he was not there to joke.

Shortly after his end of the season, he contacted me and wanted to work on his physique immediately. Together with Goran Dragic, they worked for three weeks in a row. Matches with the national team took place afterwards. Then he had his vacation, and he asked me for a plan to stay in shape. He remains active. I’m in contact with him almost every day, I know he stays in good shape. He will look to improve with Slovenia, where he will prepare for maximum effort.

Doncic’s weight has been the talk of the town since joining the NBA, so Mavericks fans will appreciate the player’s efforts to stay in shape. Not only has the Slovenian lost pounds, but count on him to maintain such physical shape with Dallas, which can please a lot of people. With these changes, there is no doubt that Luka will be even more formidable on the floor.

However, be careful not to go too far either. Luka has certainly lost weight, but a little too much for some people’s tastes. A photo of the player is circulating on social networks (to see here), which allows us to see this physical change, to the point that supporters are worried about the player’s health. The Maverick wants to stay in shape, but at the same time he needs to maintain strength to make a difference in the racket.

No doubt, Luka Doncic attacked his summer with a different mentality, but above all a desire to lose weight. Mission successful so far, however, the Slovenian has to find a happy medium. We are still curious to see him at work, and it will start in a few weeks with his national team.

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