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Los Angeles Clippers Preview



A classic among classics, the Global Franchise Preview is ready for the customer du jour. Head to the Los Angeles Palms today, with in-house analysis of a team that could play basketball next June if all goes according to plan. Come on, let’s go for the preview of the Lakers Clippers.

What happened last season

Without Kawhi Leonard and with Paul George limited to just 31 games, many teams would have dropped the season to focus on the next one. Not the 2021-22 Clippers. Despite the injuries, despite the absences, the team of Tyronn Lue gave absolutely everything, including chaining the comebacks of madness and fighting every night regardless of the players on the ground. The end result? 42 victories in total, eighth place in the West, all that to finish with… two short defeats in the play-in tournament, the second without Paul George. Cruel because if there is a team that deserved to participate in the Playoffs, it is the Clippers. Nevertheless, Ty Lue’s team has laid a very solid collective foundation for the coming campaign, and has even managed to strengthen itself during the season by recruiting Norman Powell and Robert Covington (against Eric Bledsoe, Justise Winslow and Keon Johnson) at the deadline.

The summer market

  • They leave : Isaiah Hartenstein, Rodney Hood, Jay Scrubb
  • They prolong : Robert Covington, Nicolas Batum, Ivica Zubac, Amir Coffey
  • They arrive : John Wall, Moussa Diabaté, Moses Brown

Rather discreet market with the Clippers. Owner Steve Ballmer instead stretched the dollars to shore up his core, extending Robert Covington ($24 million over two years), Nico Batum ($22 million over two years) and Ivica Zubac ($33 million over three years). We note all the same the arrival of John Wall, who will want to relaunch with the Clips after a white season in Houston, and the departure of Isaiah Hartenstein who casually brought some services in the California racket last season.

The Clippers 2022-23 roster

  • Leaders : Reggie JacksonJohn Wall, Jason Preston
  • Rears : Norman Powell, Terance Mann, Luke Kennard, Xavier Moon, Amir Coffey, Brandon Boston Jr.
  • Wingers : Kawhi Leonard, Paul GeorgeRobert Covington
  • Power forwards : Marcus MorrisNicolas Batum, Moussa Diabaté (two-way)
  • Pivots : Ivica ZubacMoses Brown

In orange the expected starters, according to the famous sources close to the file

Are we potentially in front of the best NBA roster? The question is legitimate given what the Clippers offer on paper. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George as leaders, behind a super-deep squad, in other words, coach Tyronn Lue has a real war machine in his hands. We can certainly highlight a lack in the back-up position of Ivica Zubac (the only 7-footer on the team with Moses Brown, who is not yet sure of making the final roster), but there are enough people on the frontcourt to fill that. And then we are in a league of wingers/outside players today, and at this level it is difficult to do more complete than the Clips roster. We will particularly watch the battle for the position of incumbent leader, where Reggie Jackson is undoubtedly the favorite but where John Wall will undoubtedly have his say. Marcus Morris should start stubbornly ahead of Nico Batum, although the two can also be aligned in smaller ball lineups.

A little video by the way?

Los Angeles Clippers 2022-23 salaries

TTFL: Clippers players to watch

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Kawhi and Paul George only totaled 31 games last season but that’s it they’re back, to the delight of TTFL players. We no longer present the Fun Guy, a monster of efficiency and versatility. Certainly he remains on a white season but we have no doubt that he will redo the dirty fairly quickly. As for PG, even in a truncated season like last year, he once again proved that he was one of the big names in the TTFL with an average of 24 points – 7 rebounds – 6 assists. Be careful all the same with load management this season, it could play tricks on you.

Infirmary: update on injuries

When we look at the Clippers infirmary, four names stand out. Kawhi Leonard, for starters, had a blank season after surgery in July 2021 for a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. He took advantage of his long enforced absence to work on his body and gain muscle. He says he feels in good shape and is gradually returning to the parquet floor. Norman Powell meanwhile, was injured in his second game with LAC and missed two games for patellar tendonitis (patellar tendon) in his left knee. Tested positive for Covid in January, he was then ruled out of eight matches. Two weeks after his return, he fractured the medial sesamoid bone in his left foot and missed twenty-three games. Do we chain? In early December 2021, Jusuf Nurkic landed on the right elbow of Paul George, causing him to sprain the ulnar collateral ligament. The injury was ruled minor and he returned after five games but an MRI eventually revealed a torn ligament. He therefore missed forty-four games and said he came back better than before, thanks in particular to better dexterity in his left hand. At the end of last October to finish, Marcus Morris retired for fifteen games due to left knee pain. This knee continued to hurt him until the end of the season. The summer rest should have allowed him to put that behind him.

What goals this season?

No need to cut corners, it’s the NBA title. It has already been three years since the Clippers recruited Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, now is the time to take control of the Western Conference and go to the heights. There’s everything in store to be the best team in the Big League. It remains to find the best possible balance to maximize this group as talented as it is profound, but that is Tyronn Lue’s job.

Of course, to hope to meet their ambitions, the Clippers will have to arrive in the Playoffs in good health. We know that Kawhi and PG are not durability monsters, Leonard even returning from a white season. If the latter will therefore perhaps need a little time to adapt before regaining all his sensations, the duo of All-Stars will have to increase in power as the regular season progresses to be in top form at the spring. If so, the Sailboats will be able to look any team in the eye.

The Editor’s Prognosis

“54 wins – 28 losses. 3rd place West.

After a season of injury-related transition, the Clippers will return to the front of the stage under the leadership of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The two stars, even if they should be spared from time to time during the regular, are back to do dirty and behind Ty Lue has a host of options in his rotation. It’s talented, it’s super deep, it attacks, it defends, there’s a lot of experience, in short, there’s everything it takes to become the most competitive team in the entire NBA. There’s more than as the other would say. »

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So much for the Clippers preview for this NBA 2022-23 season. Apart from the questions we may have about the sustainability of the Kawhi Leonard – Paul George duo but also about the production of John Wall after a season without playing in Houston, the Los Angeles team seems armed to the teeth to go all the way. This year. Will the Kawhi – PG era season 4 be the right one?

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