Loïc Guézo, Trend Micro: Find out how to have the power to say yes, with Trend Micro's offers and solutions!

Loïc Guézo, Trend Micro: Find out how to have the power to say yes, with Trend Micro’s offers and solutions!



The Assises de la Sécurité will be an opportunity for Trend Micro to take stock of its security solution offerings, which range from the protection of workstations to the analysis and management of targeted attacks, including the protection of data centers. virtual and physical. Loïc Guézo, Trend Micro’s Information Security Evangelist for SEUR calls on CISOs to learn how to have the power to say yes, with Trend Micro’s offers and solutions!

Global Security Mag: What are you going to present at the Assises de la Sécurité?

Loïc Guézo: The Assises de la Sécurité will be an opportunity for us to take stock of our range of solutions, organized around three axes to cover all the challenges faced by organizations today in terms of security:

• Complete User Protection: to protect workstations, servers and gateways

• Cloud & Data Center: with our flagship Deep Security solution, we protect both physical and virtual data center deployments, Cloud or hybrid

• Custom Defense: based on the Deep Discovery platform, this range of security solutions detects, analyzes and manages targeted attacks and advanced threats before they cause lasting damage

We will also take advantage of this event to present Cloud App Security, our new security solution for Microsoft Office 365. Offering a wide range of anti-malware or targeted attack features, Cloud App Security allows the encryption of Office 365 data, with key management independent of Microsoft, at the customer’s or at a trusted third party, all with no ergonomic impact for the end user.

GS Mag: What will be the theme of your conference this year?

Loïc Guézo: Our conference, which will be held on Thursday October 2 at 3 p.m., will address the theme “Neutralization of attacks: towards a global approach and personalized defence”.

We will return in particular to the fact that global and personalized cybersecurity is the only relevant response to the current cybercriminal scene. We will also recall the decisive nature of collaboration between public authorities, law enforcement agencies and private companies, in order to exchange best practices and thus strengthen the effectiveness of the fight against cybercrime in national, European and international scale.

Trend Micro collaborates with many institutions to fight against cybercrime at the international level (FBI, Interpol, Europol, International Cyber ​​Security Protection Alliance, International Telecommunications Union, Japan’s National Police Agency, Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore). In this context, for example, we contributed to several successful operations, such as the arrest of the leader of the cybercriminal gang behind the Reveton malware. At the French level, we are also going to replicate this exemplary model of collaboration with the Gendarmerie and the new sub-division for the fight against cybercrime of the DCPJ (Central Division of the Judicial Police).

GS Mag: How will your offer evolve for 2014/2015?

Loïc Guézo: We are going to extend our offer to new emerging areas (such as industrial systems, with the launch of Safe Lock 2.0), in particular the Internet of Things which is at the center of our concerns. And we will of course strengthen our positioning in historical areas, such as content control or the fight against targeted attacks.

This will also involve strengthening our Global Threat Intelligence capabilities through our Smart Protection Network infrastructure, but also through ongoing R&D efforts through our “e-crime” teams such as the FTR (Forward Looking Threat Research).

GS Mag: What will be your commercial strategy for 2014/2015?

Loïc Guézo: We are going to complete our current key account approach thanks to a new partnership model and the strengthening of our commercial capacities in the region.

We have indeed redesigned our Partners program, so that our customers can rely on a network of local partners specialized in value-added areas, such as Cloud & Datacenter Security or Cyber-Defence.

In addition, the recruitment of regional sales managers, undertaken in 2014, will continue in 2015. All regions are concerned, with however a greater need in the East and South-West. For more info: https://emeacareers-trendmicro.icim….

Finally, the strengthening of certain institutional agreements will also consolidate our position as a trusted player in France.

GS Mag: What is your message to CISOs?

Loïc Guézo: “Find out how to have the power to say yes, with Trend Micro’s offers and solutions!” »

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