Lipault sets out to conquer TikTok with its iconic suitcase - Business Case > Brands

Lipault sets out to conquer TikTok with its iconic suitcase – Business Case > Brands



Lipault packs his bags, heading to TikTok. The “Parisian” brand of luggage and travel accessories from the Samsonite group, born in 2004, has been carrying out its “social” exploration for several months, accompanied by the agency specializing in brand content and influence, Newscreen. In search of a younger clientele, Lipault has therefore chosen the fashionable social platform. “Since the Covid-19 crisis, we have wanted to rejuvenate the brand and give it a positioning that is no longer just feminine, but gender neutral”, says Christophe Hyon, brand manager of Lipault, who thus adapted Lipault’s communication – the tone, but also the channels – to new targets. “The product is at the heart of the content produced for TikTok, he explains. We communicate on its unisex characteristic, but also on its durability to attract young consumers ready to save money to afford a nice piece of luggage.” A campaign, organic and sponsored (to maximize target coverage), started in mid-June. It thus integrates Lipault’s “Plume” luggage collection and transmits the idea of ​​lightness of the products.

How to get started on TikTok?

The strategy deployed by the brand and its agency combines influence and mediabut also “craft and authentic,” to adapt to TikTok’s codes. “The TikTok network was built on the creation of ‘UGC’ content – generated by its users, reacts Romain Jost, co-founder of Newscreen. Integrating into the user feed therefore requires that the content be embodied by creators, but also to play with the product, with dynamism, while keeping the premium positioning of the brand”. A must, and a challenge, for luxury and high-end brands often faced with low organic engagement on their organic content.

Three “talents” were selected: @guesstwins1 (twins, 232,000 subscribers on TikTok) and @eddy_papeoo (214 k subscribers and regular talent from Lipault). “We chose a man and a woman, known for their style, their energy and their way of life, in line with our new positioning and the values ​​of the joyful, colorful and uninhibited brand. ‘age of our historical consumers, 35 years and over, and who do not have the somewhat pretentious image that can be associated with luxury’, explains the Lipault brand manager. The choice of these creators is “one of the keys to success” of the campaign, confirms the co-founder of Newscreen: “We wanted the creators to be young – but not too young -, creative, modern and urban. And that they like to travel abroad but also for city escapes.” Each creator produced a video, in collaboration with Newscreen, which incorporates special effects.

Focus on “amplification”

In order to optimize the impact of the content on the brand’s TikTok account (less than 100 subscribers), the videos were publicized with a core target audience and “boosted in spark ads on creators’ accounts”, explains Newscreen. The campaign reached over 5.2 million impressions and the average viewing time is 10 seconds. Good results plus an increase in visits to the brand’s website. “The objective of this campaign was to show the DNA of Lipault and not to generate sales, shares Christophe Hyon. Nevertheless, we saw several tens of thousands of visits over the duration of the campaign.”

Satisfied, the brand will continue its journey on TikTok at the end of 2022 and throughout 2023, in particular to push new products. With humor, if we are to believe the latest content published by Lipault on his account.

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