Les sports les plus populaires en France

Les sports les plus populaires en France



France is a great sporting nation. Evidenced by the good results of its athletes on the international scene, but also the passion of the French for various disciplines. On TV and at the stadium, the French live to the rhythm of sport. So what are the most popular sports in France?

Sports practice in France

The history of sport in France goes back a long way. And the country has played a central role in the modern international sports scene. Let us recall, in fact, that the modern Olympic Games, the football World Cup and the ancestor of the Champions League were created by French people ! More recently, France was crowned world champion of sporting events by becoming the country to have hosted the greatest number of international events.

What does sports practice look like today in France? While Michel Savin’s report and text on sport have just been adopted by the Senate committee, it appears particularly dynamic. In fact, it is estimated that more than 26 million the number of practitioners, including more than 16 million of licensees.

Which sports have the most licensees in France?

While the diversity of sports practiced is growing, some more traditional sports are massively appealing to the French. Here are the ten sports with the highest number of licensees.

1. Soccer

Football is by far the top of the most popular sports in France. The French are also more and more numerous to register on an online betting site to bet on football. Of course, the victory of the Blues at the last World Cup only reinforced the passion of the French for football!

2. Tennis

Popular both on screen and in the daily practices of the French, tennis climbs to second place in this ranking.

3. Basketball

So popular on the other side of the Atlantic, basketball has also won the hearts of French people, many of whom now practice it.

4. Horse riding

With more than 600,000 members, the riding clubs win the votes of young and old alike.

5. Judo-jujitsu and related disciplines

Associated with mental and moral as well as physical discipline, Japanese martial sport is emulated in France.

6. Handball

Widely practiced in schools, handball also appeals to hundreds of thousands of French people in their leisure time.

7. Golf

Often associated with the elite, golf nevertheless has no less than 400,000 members.

8. Swimming

Have the performances of the Manaudou been emulated? In any case, swimming rises hands down in the list of the ten favorite sports of the French.

9. Rugby

Very appreciated in France, rugby is also practiced a lot by the French… and the French women. In fact, the number of women made redundant doubled between 2010 and 2018!

10. Canoeing and paddle sports

To exert themselves while enjoying nature, the French do not hesitate to take out the paddles.

What are the most watched sporting events in France

A star of both practice and gambling, the soccer also shines with its performances on French screens. And yet, as this study on the French and their relationship to sport shows, the World Cup football is only the second most watched event in France. Indeed, it arrives behind the Olympic Games, followed by more than 60% of French people. Furthermore, the Tour de Franceor Roland Garrosare also among the most popular sporting events in France.

In short, sport still has a bright future ahead of it in France, both in terms of practice and the interest shown by the population.

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