Les meilleurs sports de plage pour maigrir

Les meilleurs sports de plage pour maigrir



Even with your feet in the warm, fine sand, you are thinking about your figure. Well know that the beach is the ideal place to lose weight. On vacation, you have more time and you are in a better mood, take the opportunity to combine fitness and pleasure!

Are you trying somehow to erase your little complexes? Take advantage of the summer to play sports while having fun on the beach. Whether you are looking to shape your buttocks, slim your thighs or even get rid of your little superfluous pounds… Know that there are a host of activities to practice in the water or on the sand that can help you get the silhouette of your dreams. All associated of course with a balanced diet.

1. The stand up paddle to refine your thighs

Slimming this part of the body can sometimes be a real challenge. So to put the odds on your side, adopt the fashionable sport: stand up paddle. This discipline is practiced standing on a board accompanied by a paddle in order to be able to move forward on the water. Even if it is very complete, this activity particularly solicits the muscles of the lower body. The thighs work really actively so that we manage to stand up without falling. Result: the whole body is toned while the thighs are refined over the sessions.

2. Surfing for a more toned body

It is ideal for women who want to display a more dynamic silhouette. Thanks to it, you build muscle in all parts of your body: firm thighs, toned chest, flat stomach… A whole program to play it without complex at the edge of the beach.

3. Frisbee to lose fat

To tap into fat reserves, you have to practice an endurance activity. On the beach, the frisbee is therefore the ideal activity! While you play with your friends or family, you work on your line neither seen nor known.

4. The pedal boat for concrete abs

If your friends or your children ask you to go pedalo this summer… Don’t think twice because this activity has many benefits for the body. In addition to working your lower body muscles, it also forces you to contract your abs. Good news for those who dream of having the pretty toned belly of Cameron Diaz.

5. Canoeing to stabilize your weight

So that ice cream and other donuts have no impact on your figure, you absolutely have to compensate by practicing a sporting activity. Canoeing is very good for those looking to keep their line and stabilize on balance. Know that 1 hour of practice will allow you to eliminate no less than 415 calories or 100g of plain donut. In addition, it works the arms as well as the shoulders or even the abs and the back.

6. Rackets for shapely buttocks

Who has never played good old beach rackets on the sand? Well know that all these games are real slimming allies because they allow you to lose calories while having fun. The legs and more particularly the buttocks are extremely solicited here thanks to the repeated movements of bending and stretching.

7. Walking to lose excess pounds

A very good way to maintain your figure at the beach? Walking on the sand! At 30 minutes a day, the results are starting to show. You will burn calories faster if you walk on dry sand since the effort is more intense. Nevertheless, to hope to lose the little pounds that are ruining your life, you must combine this activity with a balanced diet. The goal is to consume fewer calories than you expend.

8. The kite to strengthen your arms

To put an end to your flabby arms, think of the kite. You will exert yourself without thinking about it and can at the same time spend a privileged moment with your little one who will love it.

9. Water walking to eliminate cellulite

What could be better than walking in water to eliminate cellulite. Bathed up to the waist, you just have to move forward energetically to create a draining effect that will act on the legs, buttocks and thighs. Ladies who suffer from heavy legs, this exercise is also for you!

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10. Beach volleyball for a muscular back

No no, back muscle training is not reserved only for top athletes. It is intended for all people who wish to avoid muscle pain or simply maintain the back muscles. If you are in this case, do not hesitate to practice beach volleyball which excels for this type of mission.

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