Les entraîneurs des Patriots sans rôle défini ?

Les entraîneurs des Patriots sans rôle défini ?



Who does what in New England? Hard to say, and the franchise could go into the season without officially designated offensive and defensive coordinators.

Bill Belichick’s communication techniques rubbed off on the rest of the New England management. While Josh McDaniels (ex-OC) has packed his bags for Las Vegas, the other franchise technicians remain more than evasive about their responsibilities in 2022. It seems that the key word will be versatility.

“Honestly, I don’t really know what my role will be, and honestly I don’t care,” Steve Belichick (OLB coach in 2021) told ESPN. What about a possible promotion to defensive coordinator? “That’s a good question, to which I don’t have an answer. If so, that’s great, if not, that’s fine too. »

“Honestly, I like to say that I am a football manager. I’m not trying to be ambiguous here. I train soccer players. I’m a teacher,” added Jerod Mayo (ILB coach last year) who sees himself as a “defensive coach” period.

The only information confirmed by the Providence Journal is that Joe Judge (ex-HC, Giants) is working with Mac Jones and the quarterbacks. As for Matt Patricia (ex-HC, lions), yet a defensive specialist, he will be in charge of the offensive line. A position he has not practiced since 2005.

Even the players seem to have gotten in on the action. When our colleagues asked Nelson Agholor the names of his position coach and offensive coordinator, the receiver revealed nothing.

“You have to ask Coach Belichick. »

But is Agholor really able to say anything? Because Joe Judge assured the press on Monday, he does not yet know who will call the games on offense in the coming months.

“I will tell you honestly, nothing has been declared, decided or announced to me,” he assured. “I know Matt (Patricia) and Nick Caley are the others we’re going to ask. Currently we are working. These are mostly offensive drills. I don’t think it’s fundamental for every attacking coach to understand the game plan and be ready to call plays. As for who is going to call the games, honestly, it is not the most important right now as an attacking staff. When Coach Belichick would like to announce this role, he will let us know. »

The Patriots have officially played without a defensive coordinator since 2017. What if 2022 marked the beginning of an era without an offensive coordinator?

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