Hôtels, restaurants, locations de voiture, autocars... Les Etats-Unis et le Canada vont être confrontés à des difficultés opérationnelles et les pros devront mieux anticiper en informant les clients ! - DR : Depositphotos.com, curaphotography

“les agences doivent informer leurs clients” sur la situation ! 🔑



If we are claiming fuel surcharges on air travel and coaches, for price increases that concern hotels and restaurants, we absorb the increases. We are forced to sacrifice our margins“, continues Jean Eustache of AmériGo.

And the price increases do not seem ready to stop. “Number of 2022 services had been negotiated in the spring of 2021 during the Covid period and communicated to our customers during 2021 on this basis. Since then inflation has taken nearly 9% overall and even more so in food, hotels and transport (due to petrol, lack of drivers).

And we are still expecting significant inflation in the coming months. The 2023 increases vary from one program to another but it is generally necessary to count a 15% price increase between 2022 and 2023.” adds Emmanuelle Legoff, General Manager of Go West Tours.

It is clear that this is not the world before, so it is important to warn customers“, launches JĂ©rĂ´me Thomann of Jetset Voyages.

“Agencies really need to inform their clients. An informed client will be more patient and more conciliatory“, insists the CEO of AmĂ©riGo.

We explain the situation as much as possible to the agencies, from the quote to the travel diary“, completes Nathalie Delame. “We hope that information flows to customers. A wise customer will be more understanding.

For Jetset Voyages, information is also a priority: “Already from the quote, then when booking and finally in the travel diary, we explain the post-Covid world. The customer may think he has paid a higher price, without having the same quality of service. If the client is aware, it will always go better. Jetset customers are never alone and always have the support of local partners.”

Emmanuelle Vaugeois Bolanos of Scenic Roads hammers it in turn: “When customers are warned, they react totally differently, they don’t feel like we’re kidding them. They have to be told to be patient.

On site, we are doing our best to call back all the hotels, so that the rooms are cleaned and our guides are also notified to explain the situation to the customers.

Same story on the side of Jonview in Canada: “Our suppliers are present and are eager to welcome visitors, but it is important to inform travelers, before their arrival, that we are still in recovery and that last minute changes are possible and almost unavoidable“.

Louis Michaud, Head of Sales at Jonview adds: “For 2022, it is therefore essential to advise travelers that their Canadian adventure may bring some surprises, but above all great discoveries.”

“Despite this, it should not be forgotten that the landscapes are still just as beautiful!“, launches in turn the founder of Scenic Roads!


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