Les 6 sports les plus chers du monde



Not all sports are equal. If you’re a runner, for example, you’re in luck: a good pair of shoes, two strong lungs and you’re off. Do you prefer Formula 1, polo or sailing? Better be ready to put your hand in the wallet…

Roundup of the most expensive sports in the world

The Polo

One of the most expensive sports is undoubtedly polo. To indulge in it, unlike horse riding, you will not be able to settle for just one horse (which already represents a pretty budget), you will need at least three or four. Indeed, a match requires a lot of physical effort from the animal, so if you intend to play several times a week, you will have to use different beasts. Added to the price of horses (which obviously varies according to breed) are the salaries of grooms and the high cost of tournament registrations. The addition can quickly rise to some 70,000 euros per year.

Formula 1

Do you prefer to rush behind the wheel of a single-seater? Your wallet won’t thank you. To become a teammate of Lewis Hamilton, you will need to buy at least two cars (and be careful not to spray them during a race). The price of registrations for the races is also rather impressive. Being your own stable is therefore not only inadvisable, it is totally impractical. If no sponsor is ready to finance you, it is better to stick to karting.


For lovers of the sea and the wind, nothing beats sailing. But there again, jumping into the water at the highest level is high-flying finance. The price of a boat to participate in the America’s Cup can be around 200 million euros. In addition, the constant training required involves launching the boat often, preparing the sails, frequently replacing its components subject to wear… If you have the makings of a Paul Cayard, you will surely find a sponsor, otherwise it will cost you a small fortune.

The pentathlon

Oddly enough, even the most seemingly “normal” sport on this list can seriously strain your budget. The pentathlon is indeed prohibitively expensive. A quick search on the Internet will convince you of this: add up the costs of the equipment needed to participate in competitions in swimming, fencing, pistol shooting, running and horse riding and you will see that it all adds up to enough quick.

Wingsuit flight…

Flying… a dream. And a bill that also reaches new heights! The wingsuit is one of the most fascinating and adrenaline-filled disciplines. Thanks to the wingsuit, the man can now rise in the air and spin at impressive speeds. Note that the most important cost is not that of the special combination (there are less than 5000 euros). No, what costs the most are the lessons, the rental of the plane to jump, the pilot’s salary, and above all – above all – the insurance policy. Playing amateur Icarus can cost a whopping 500,000 euros per year.

…or in a hot air balloon

Do you like having your head in the clouds? Hot air balloon races are for you. Because, yes, even if the discipline is relatively unknown, there are indeed real hot air balloon competitions. Of course, the first thing to do will be to buy one: count around 30,000 euros. You will then have to find a place to store it, it already costs more. To fly your balloon, remember that you will need a special license, therefore additional costs, and fuel, for which you will have to pay around 40 euros per flight hour. Inflating the balloon is also not very cheap, count around 1200 euros. Always ready ?

the top

But all of these sports put together can’t compete with an event that is truly worth millions of dollars: the Whitianga Festival of Speed, the most expensive sporting event in the world. Organized every year in New Zealand, it encompasses a whole series of speed disciplines: helicopter, airplane, speedboat, parachute, jet ski, rally… Well, you can also choose to kick a ball, it will be much less expensive.


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