La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, aurait déjà vu son successeur aux Lakers débarquer dans la ligue

LeBron teases heavy with a possible surprise, a veteran is already recruiting him!



Active this summer with an appearance on the side of the Drew League, LeBron James still has a good month of “rest” before the resumption of the NBA. Could he surprise more than one with a return to a secondary league? This is an option to consider given the King’s last message on his twitter account. League alumnus Jamal Crawford has already started recruiting.

Work began months ago to LeBron James, who is getting ready for his new season with the Lakers. It will be title or nothing for the King, although his performance should not determine the outcome of this campaign. As the fans think, or even Darvin Ham, the coach, Anthony Davis should be the key. A bad exercise on his part, a series of injuries, and now the Angelinos will find themselves in a very complicated situation.

LeBron ready to make a huge surprise?

While waiting for the rest, and the training camp which will begin in September, quite late by the way, the King does not exclude another surprise. During the month of July, and after more than 10 years of absence, he made his return to the Drew League, in an atmosphere of madness. He could do it again very soon given his message on his twitter account, but rather on the Pro-Am side.

Seattle was in turmoil over Sue Bird’s last home game! Maybe I’ll make a detour there before the end of the summer and play a game!

LeBron on the field in Seattle? Nothing is confirmed of course, but that’s what the King teases with his fans. The fans are still very present after their departure from their team in 2008, and it would be a great advertisement for the possible return of a franchise in this city.

For the record, it turns out that someone famous has his Pro-Am circuit there: Jamal Crawford, the former 6th man of the Clippers in particular. He promises a real madness if LeBron were to play in his league for a meeting:

If we have LeBron coming, I wouldn’t even be able to name it… The city of Seattle would shut down. The doors of the entire west coast should be closed. It would be crazy.

An appearance and a match for LeBron James in Seattle? It’s a big yes for the fans, who would love to have the chance to attend a live performance of the King. The interested party knows what he must do before the end of the summer, just to satisfy a large fanbase.

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