La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, aurait des raisons de quitter la franchise

LeBron soon to own a league franchise?!



A true businessman outside the courts, LeBron James could soon invest heavily in the big league. Rumors that he will become a franchise owner are getting more and more insistent… and a crucial update was given after his pre-season game.

Besides being one of the best basketball players to ever walk the court, LeBron James is also an accomplished businessman. The Laker has its entrances in Hollywood and owns a successful brand of tequila, while also being a minority shareholder in a few sports teams. One thinks in particular of the Liverpool football club, of which he regularly comments on the news. But his next project should concern the NBA itself.

For his second pre-season match with the Pourpres et Ors, the quadruple champion traveled to Las Vegas, a city he particularly appreciates. After having dropped a box in a very short time, so he took the opportunity to relaunch his idea of ​​creating a franchise in the Nevada megalopolis. It’s simple, LBJ wants to be the big boss and he doesn’t hesitate to challenge the league’s high authorities on this subject, as Dave McMenamin revealed:

LeBron pushes for a team in Las Vegas

LeBron James used his postgame press conference in Las Vegas to speak directly to NBA boss Adam Silver during a response, saying he wants to own the Vegas team if and when the league was expanding to include a team in Sin City.

In other words, LBJ hasn’t given up on his big plan and knowing him, there’s no indication that he won’t be able to achieve it. Adrian Wojnarowski warns, however, he will have to be patient.

The NBA plans to negotiate new television/media and collective bargaining agreements before seriously considering adding new teams. The possibilities of Las Vegas and Seattle as candidates for expansion are real, but probably not for years.

Creating a franchise is never an easy task, even if it means resuscitating it like with the Supersonics. It is therefore easy to understand why the league is still cautious on the subject.

LeBron continues to push for an NBA franchise to finally settle in Las Vegas, the city having already hosted a few All-Star Games. The Chosen One could therefore quickly find its conversion once it has retired in a few years.

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