NBA LeBron abattu après la défaite

LeBron ready to go? His pressure move at the Lakers revealed!



Eligible for a contract extension recently with his Lakers, LeBron James has not signed anything yet. In place ? Negotiations, as if the player was considering the idea of ​​joining another team in a year. It’s possible, at least that’s what his clan wants to believe, which recently placed pressure on the Angelinos. We take stock.

As he turns 38 at the end of the year, LeBron James has no plans to change his goal: it’s the title or nothing at the Lakers, but he wants to give himself the best chance. No question for the native of Akron to relive such a fiasco in Los Angeles, hence his recent pressure on his team. As a reminder, and since the beginning of the month, the interested party can extend his two-year contract with the Lakers, against 97.1 million dollars.

Money level, the question does not even arise. Touch as much as retirement draws near? It’s borderline indecent, but it’s the price to pay to keep such a player. The Purple and Gold agree, but not LeBron, who decides to stall. As confirmed by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the King recently met with its executives to take stock.

LeBron James pressures his team

Despite his desire to stay, James wants guarantees for the future. No question for him to stay in a team that is not capable of aiming for the title, or if the behavior of the players is controversial. Despite his 37 candles, the former Cavalier remains in a position of strength, and he knows it full well. He therefore asked Darvin Ham for guarantees for the next season, without signing anything.

LeBron James and Rich Paul recently met the Lakers, along with Darvin Ham and Rob Pelinka. While the idea of ​​an extension was discussed, the majority of this meeting was spent on the team, and on important concerns, not to repeat the fiasco of last year, according to sources. James stressed that the team must be competitive, and maintain this state of mind at all times.

He believes that last year, the roster did not know how to give itself the chance to win every night. He wants everyone to give their best, to try to win a new championship. Ham approved of that speech from James and reiterated that he wants to hold everyone accountable if necessary. For him, the defense will be the main asset of this team.

James obviously hasn’t signed anything, but he wants guarantees for the future to consider signing this extension. He didn’t have to, however, it’s clear the player is using his position to force the Lakers to make some decisions next year, at least if necessary. It remains to be seen now if he will extend before the new season, or if he will wait another year.

LeBron James has not yet extended with the Lakers, partly because of concerns about this roster. He wants envy every night, with players ready to do whatever it takes to win a title. If Darvin Ham manages to convince him, then he will sign this extension. For the time being, this is not yet the case.

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