LeBon James ne diffusera pas son émission avec Kanye West

LeBron James reacts cash to the Kanye West scandal!



Kanye West has been chaining controversy in recent days by multiplying far-right discourse. LeBron James, who has been strongly opposed to these ideas for years, therefore reacted firmly. He made a decision extremelyyou courageous after turned a show with the rapper.

It is well known, the border between genius and madness is fine, even non-existent when it comes to Kanye West. Although he is one of the greatest artists of his generation, one of the most influential, the native of Chicago continues worrying controversies and degrades his image with the public. Publicity stunt or real political conviction, the rapper showed off with a shocking t-shirt during the recent fashion week:

LeBron James will not broadcast his show with Kanye!

By taking up the slogan of certain supremacists, appearing with far-right activist Candace Owens and attacking the Jewish community on Twitter, Kanye West has taken a rather worrying turn. Always very involved politically and in social issues, LeBron James hastened to react by making a huge decision: he and his teams decided not to broadcast the last episode of his show “The Shop”, shot with Kanye. Co-host Maverick Carter explained:

Yesterday, with LeBron, we shot an episode of “The Shop” with Kanye West. His visit had been scheduled for several weeks already, and after being able to talk to him on the eve of filming, we were convinced that he could take part in a respectful conversation and that he would be ready to react to all the recent controversies. Unfortunately, he used the show to spout other hate speech and perpetuate dangerous stereotypes.

So we made the decision not to air this show, or even an excerpt with Kanye. While the show promotes thoughtful opinions and diverse opinions, we have absolutely no tolerance for hate speech. We take responsibility for believing Kanye West would be willing to chat. We apologize to the other guests and to the entire technical team.

LeBron James and Maverick Carter, as bosses, have decided not to broadcast the last issue of “The Shop”, shot in recent days with Kanye West. A choice that should cost them dearly, they had to pay technicians, cameramen, etc., but which shows their sensitivity. The show is made to debate, oppose ideas, but never disseminate hate speech.

By broadcasting this long-awaited episode with Kanye West, LeBron James could have secured a bmonumental uzz and offer real visibility to his show. But the King and Maverick Carter don’t need that, they will always put their beliefs first.

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