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LeBron James competed by a legend for a franchise in Vegas!



LeBron James made it pretty clear during preseason, he wants Adam Silver to reserve the right for him to buyr the franchise that will soon see the light of day in Las Vegas. But he is visibly not the only one with Nevada views. He could cross paths with a Lakers legend.

LeBron James is now much more than just a legend of the pitch, than the greatest player of all time according to some. Le King is also a well-known business leader and investor who is always on the lookout for the right deal. In recent weeks, for example, he has acquired a pickleball franchise, the popular racket sport across the Atlantic. He can moreover compete with another league superstar !

But what LeBron wants more than anything is not just a pickleball team, he wants to follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan and become an NBA franchise owner. He knows the league better than anyone, he who has dominated for 20 seasons now, and he has the financial means to put on a good show. During the preseason he also put a lot of pressure on Adam Silver on this subject.

Magic Johnson wants to invest in Las Vegas!

Unlike his eldest, who bought the franchise from his native state, the No. 6 Lakers has other ambitions than the Cavaliers: he wants to be the owner of the first franchise in history in Las Vegas. And he would not be the only one who wants to seriously invest in Nevada, since according to journalist Liz Hoffman of Semafor, Magic Johnson would also like to win in Sin City. He is aiming for another sport:

Lakers legend Magic Johnson is reportedly in talks to buy shares in the Las Vegas Raiders NFL franchise. According to several sources familiar with the matter, the purchase price would set a new record in the world of sport. Johnson has reportedly assembled a group of investors in recent weeks to become a minority owner of the Raiders.

According to one of the investors concerned, official discussions would take place, but no agreement has been reached for the moment. The case could still fall through. Before this potential investment, the “Magic Johnson Enterprises” already owns shares in large groups, such as the Dodgers in MLB, Burger King restaurants or Starbucks.

Magic Johnson may not be as reputable as LeBron James, Michael Jordan or Shaquille O’Neal in terms of his business approach, but he is no less ambitious than his friends! The proof, he would be ready to invest in the legendary Raiders, currently valued at more than 5 billion by the Forbes site. He will be able to get away with LeBron and his future NBA franchise!

Magic Johnson is a very serious who is still looking to invest his money. He would like to settle down in Las Vegas and become one of the owners of the Raiders, a legendary and world-famous NFL franchise.

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