Le teqball, nouveau sport à la mode, en démonstration aux Jeux méditerranéens

Le teqball, nouveau sport à la mode, en démonstration aux Jeux méditerranéens



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Halfway between table tennis and football, teqball is a trendy discipline that was presented at the Mediterranean Games in Oran.

From our special correspondent in Oran,

A curved table, a soccer ball and players. This is the fusion of football and table tennis. This ball sport, simple and playful, is being emulated. Invented in 2014, it can be played by two players in singles and four players in doubles.

The ball can be touched three times before being returned to the top of the opponent’s half table. Any part of the body can be used to play the ball except the arms and hands. Feet, knees, head and chest are mainly used. A point is scored if the opponent drops the ball, cannot return it, or breaks other rules. A teqball match consists of the best of three sets. Each set is played in 12 points.

Invented in Hungary

It is a sport invented by Hungarians who tried to play on a table tennis table. We have about 1 500 athletes worldwide. Here in Algeria, we have organized tournaments in the country to raise awareness of this sport, which will also be demonstrated at Paris 2024. During the last African Beach Games in 2019 in Sal, Cape Verde, teqball was also invited to be played. to know. Regardless of age, gender or experience, anyone can come and try teqball », Rejoices the Portuguese Telmo Manuel Araújo Monteiro, representative of the International Teqball Federation, present in Oran.

Former Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho was an early fan and helped popularize the game. In Portugal, the sport is booming. Tables have been set up in large numbers in public places such as gardens, says Telmo Manuel Araújo Monteiro. According to his social networks, Neymar has a table in his garden on which he plays from time to time. His Paris Saint-Germain teammate Lionel Messi even tried the discipline.

It’s very spectacular and it appeals to young people in the neighborhoods »

I have been playing teqball for two years in a club that we created in France, in Creil in the Oise. My brother who is 10th in the world made me want to do the same. It’s a sport where you have fun, in doubles or mixed doubles. It takes a lot of focus “, testifies the Franco-Tunisian Youssef Sahli, under the Oran sun.

I asked for the teqball to be there for demonstrationsays Bernard Amsalem, second vice-president of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games (CIJM). In France, at the Olympic Committee, I take care of all urban sports and I am responsible for bringing these disciplines closer to Olympic sports. It’s very spectacular and it appeals to young people in the neighborhoods, a bit like 3×3 basketball. Young people should play sports, it is essential for health. There are currently around 40 urban sports in the world “. In 2020, the International Teqball Federation brought together more than 122 nations, including 81 officially recognized. The first Teqball World Championship was held in 2017 in Hungary.

In Paris, in 2024, four additional sports will be on the program, three of which can be considered urban like teqball: rock climbing, skateboarding and breakdance (also called breaking). Telmo Manuel Araújo Monteiro hopes teqball, a cousin of ball tennis, will make its official debut in Los Angeles in 2028.


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