le propriétaire des Commanders cité à comparaître devant le Congrès américain

le propriétaire des Commanders cité à comparaître devant le Congrès américain



The owner of the Washington Commanders, franchise of the American football championship (NHL), was summoned to appear on Wednesday before a committee of the United States Congress charged with investigating the alleged toxic work environment within the club.

Dan Snyder is suspected of seeking to obstruct an open NFL investigation into the working conditions and atmosphere in his franchise.

Carolyn Maloney, chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, said in a statement that he was to be subpoenaed after his “continuous and unfounded refusalto testify voluntarily before the said commission.

Mr. Snyder’s refusal to testify makes it clear that he is more concerned with protecting himself than telling the truth. If the NFL isn’t willing to hold him to account, I’m willing to.“, she said.

Parliamentarians are trying to shed light on accusations of workplace misconduct and sexual harassment within the Washington Commanders.

The franchise was previously fined $10 million last year by the American Football League (NFL), which established facts of sexual harassment and bullying.

Last February, a former cheerleader and marketing executive for the team told the congressional committee how she was sexually harassed by Snyder.

In a 29-page memo released on Wednesday, lawmakers detail how the Commanders have handled allegations made by female club employees.

They also denounce Snyder’s opening of a “ghost investigation” destined to “discredit his accusers in the eyes of the NFL“. This “ghost investigation” was intended to mount “a dossier (…) consisting of a 100-page PowerPoint document detailing the private communications and social media activities of Washington Post journalists and former employees“.

This presentation, dated November 23, 2020, appears to be based on text messages, emails, phone call logs, phone call transcripts and messages posted on social media from about 50 people including Mr. Snyder seemed to think they were involved in a plot to disparage him.“, continue the parliamentarians.

The commission also found that, during the NFL investigation led by former federal prosecutor Beth Wilkinson, Snyder and his legal team offered financial deals to former cheerleaders to buy their silence.

She also said she found evidence challenging the independent nature of the NFL’s investigation, because Snyder had a way to block the disclosure of certain information.

The League, informed of Snyder’s efforts to derail the Beth Wilkinson-led investigation, “did not take significant steps to prevent it“, scathing the commission, castigating in addition the inability of the NFL to publish a complete written report.

The boss of the League, Roger Goodell, pleaded on Wednesday, before members of Congress, of “compelling reasons» Not to make the full findings of the investigation public.

We’ve been candid and blunt that the work culture within Commanders has not only been unprofessional, but toxic for far too long.he said, then draping himself in the importance of maintaining witness confidentiality.

Asked, as to whether he was “ready to do moreto punish Snyder. Goodell replied: “I don’t have the authority to impeach him.»


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