Le petit dej’ : les commotions toujours présentes en NFL, les Seahawks ne sont pas en vente

Le petit dej’ : les commotions toujours présentes en NFL, les Seahawks ne sont pas en vente



Most of the NFL news for Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

Demaryius Thomas had brain damage

The death of Demaryius Thomas shines in a disastrous light for the NFL. The autopsy of the former Broncos receiver, found dead at his home last December, revealed that he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) of rank 2 according to doctors from Boston University, relayed by the New York Times . According to the article, the player suffered from concussions during his career, notably during his victory in Super Bowl L, and the ETC worsened the epileptic seizures from which the player suffered, notably after a car accident in 2019.

The situation would have worsened until Thomas descended into paranoia in his final months. And this when he died just a few weeks after the end of his career. If the doctors have not yet announced any links between these crises, the ETC and the death of the player, this diagnosis is a reminder of the risks that NFL players run. And the difficulty for the league, despite the many measures taken, to fight against brain damage caused by the repeated shocks suffered by athletes.

David Andrews must temper Mac Jones

The list of quarterbacks failing to blossom in the NFL is as long as your arm. And McJones (QB, Patriots) seems determined to give itself the means not to be part of it. According to his teammate David Andrews (C, Patriots) the former Alabama would even do almost too much.

“This hard working youngster,” Andrews explained on 98.5’s The Sports Hub program “Zolak and Bertrand.” “He works like crazy, every day. Sometimes I try to force him to take a deep breath, but that’s what you expect from your quarterback. (…) It’s been fun, since last year, getting to know him, and I have a lot of respect for the way he does things and how he behaves,” he said.


– According to Mark Kaboly of The Athletic, the Steelers have no intention of offering Diontae Johnson (WR) a contract similar to that of Terry McLaurin (WR, Commanders). As a reminder, the Washington player obtained an extension of three and 70 million dollars, which was officially signed on Tuesday.

– The Seahawks would never have been interested in Baker Mayfield (QB, Browns). In any case, this is what Ian Rapoport of NFL Network announced during the Pat McAfee Show this Tuesday.

Micah Parsons wants to become the best

Little has been said about the first year of Micah Parsons (LB, Cowboys) in the league. Voted defensive rookie of the year, he lit up Dallas’ defense in 2021, notably finishing with 13 sacks on the clock.

And he wants to do better. The player expressed his ambitions to USA Today’s Jori Epstein, explaining that he wants to train with Trevon Diggs (CB) the best defensive duo in the league.

“It’s hard to say we’re the best because we’re young and we always make mistakes,” Parsons said. “Between Aaron Donald, the best defensive player in history, and Jalen Ramsey… so I wouldn’t say. But I think we can become like them or even better if we learn together and stay together.

The Seahawks are not for sale

Since the death of Paul Allen, the Seahawks belong, like the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA, to his sister Jody Allen. Like the rest of his fortune, they are ultimately intended to be resold so that the funds are donated to associations, but it is not for now, according to Jody Allen’s press release issued on Tuesday by the two franchises.

“As leader of the Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks, my long-term interest is in building title-winning teams that our communities are proud of,” the statement said. “As I explained before, none of these teams are for sale and no negotiations are underway,” he said.

“That will change one day considering Paul’s desire to dedicate the vast majority of his fortune to philanthropy, but assets of this size and complexity can take 10 to 20 years to realize (…) There is no defined deadline by which the teams should be sold “is it still stated.

Mike Evans didn’t believe in Brady’s return

Tom Brady (QB, Buccaneers) is known for his little jokes. So even teammate Mike Evans didn’t believe him when the legend told him he was coming back from retirement.

“He texted me with the story that his last touchdown ball (which Evans sent into the stands) sold for $500,000,” Evans told KPRC2’s Ari Alexander. “I told him that in my defense I didn’t know he was retiring, and he gave me a laughing emoji saying ‘there will be more touchdowns in the future,'” Evans continued.

“So I just thought he was kidding me. And a few hours later, they announced he was coming back. I was happy,” laughed Evans.

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