La promesse de LeBron James après l'énième débâcle des Lakers !

Lakers ready to give up a big trade lead?



Los Angeles is not making much progress on the transfer market, in particular because of certain unaccommodating biases. This is also why the leaders of the Pourpres et Ors could drop a trade option, which would however be very interesting for them.

Time is running out for the Lakers, who can hardly be considered title contenders as things stand. The hard core of the team is identical to that of last year, which frankly does not bode much good. The Californians nevertheless remain active with regard to trade negotiations, in particular for Kyrie Irving. Unfortunately, they just got a big cold shower on this.

Suddenly, despite its efforts, the franchise of the City of Angels begins to run out of options, a month before the start of training camp. All the more annoying that on the side of their other track, things are not progressing either… It has been known for a while, the front office of Rob Pelinka discusses a lot with the Pacers, seeking in particular to separate from Russell Westbrook. Only here, a detail comes again and again to nullify the investment:

LA still reluctant to send picks to Pacers

The Lakers are in shaky talks with Indiana over Buddy Hield and Myles Turner, but they’re not ready to let go of two future first-round picks in the trade. Russell Westbrook will also have to be involved no matter what. The Lakers will continue to try to see if they can add some size and shooting before the season or early in the season.

RW has been regularly sent to the Indiana side in trade scenarios for many weeks, not without reason. Beyond the fact that its leaders are very interested in the two local players mentioned, the franchise is in complete reconstruction and would have absolutely no problem absorbing the contract of the n°0, until it expires in a year. The problem is that GM Chad Bucanan is eyeing Angelino picks and it doesn’t work.

Indeed, without wanting to disrespect Hield and Turner, even if they would contribute enormously to Darvin Ham’s roster, we cannot say that they are of the same caliber as Irving when the latter is in a good mood, Los Angeles being willing to make that effort for the Nets point guard. In a sense, we can therefore understand the reluctance of Rob Pelinka and his staff, but the fact remains that they are not making progress in the negotiations. Such an electric shock could however bring the greatest good to the Purples and Golds.

Since the Pacers really want to get the Lakers’ draft picks, the latter could well end up dropping this tantalizing lead. This is likely to make fans cringe, who finally want to be rid of Russell Westbrook.

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