La Global Sports Week Paris embarque le monde

La Global Sports Week Paris embarque le monde


Brigitte Henriques, President of the CNOSF Global Sports Week

SPORT BUSINESS OBSERVATORY – The meeting is given at the Accor Arena in the capital, which is to host the most watched sporting event on the planet: the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Souad Soulimani has been a member of the Sport Business Observatory since 2016. Founder of MediaSpoliS specializing in media education and the production of content dedicated to female leadership, she is also president of Radio Déclic, which gives voice to the inhabitants of working-class neighborhoods on major societal issues. The Sport Business Observatory is the Think Tank of the In&Sport firm whose vocation is to provide analyzes and deciphering on the evolution of sport, both in its economic and social dimension.

From May 9 to 13, Paris is therefore “ the place to be for anyone who wants to influence the world of sport and send powerful messages. We speak English in the corridors and the international press has made the trip.

Initially, an appointment is expected exclusively “ economy which will discuss financial issues and socio-economic issues in the world of Sport in close connection with Los Angeles and speakers from all over the world to share and transmit their expertise. We would then talk about performance, tv rights, sponsorship, in short, business.

Yes and no. And it is the President of the CNOSF, Brigitte Henriques who sets the pace and sets the tone for days which will certainly be dedicated to sport but which will see it reposition itself at the heart of the debate as an actor and a leader in society to be built on all plans but with this intense desire to create links. Replace the hyphen between sport for all and performance. We feel in the voice of Brigitte Henriques, alone on stage but determined, the journey of an athlete, a high-level footballer who has put herself at the service of a cause: the values ​​of Olympism accessible to all and all but above all education and inclusion through sport. “ All the great champions have passed through our clubs and I want to salute the volunteers and say that I am proud of the French model, it is precious and we must preserve it. » she will launch to an attentive and admiring assembly at the same time for a woman leader who breaks the codes and expresses herself without these elements of language that we are used to hearing on stage. Remarks that will echo the first woman president of the regional Olympic sports committee of Île-de-France, Evelyne Ciriegi, who came to support past messages and echo them with the sports movement fully integrated into the event.

This is also the strength of the event, we talk about business and sport for everyone, sponsors, business leaders and volunteers, we are in basketball and/or in costume but we move forward together.

Sport as an actor and engine of society

The practice of sport, a universal language and in the face of which we would all be equal, is an ambition common to all those involved, recognized personalities and inspiring backgrounds. This stated and asserted commitment of the CNOSF will be taken up on stage by Tony Estanguet, triple Olympic champion and President of the COJOP, who reminds us that sport must be a way of life. In France, you have to get up to speed by fully integrating it into our daily lives and by regularly practicing physical activity.

Tony Estanguet Global Sports Week

There is health sport and sport that emancipates, builds and breaks down barriers, as we discover in the testimony of Pakistani football player Karishma Ali, founder of Chitral Womens Sports Club and who is the first woman in her village to have performed nationally and internationally. Today, they are more than 300, she proudly informs us.

Lucien Boyer, President of Global Sports Week Paris wanted this edition to be at the crossroads with both the treatment of business issues but also those of society. The challenge is met because every day, people come back. Journalists, visitors, collaborators and players in the sports world.

Consumer and industry player

Indeed, this event is life-saving, awaited by all for this 3th edition after the world went through a health crisis that impacted everyone’s life. The exchanges multiply on stage, in the corridors and the lounges made available. We exchange, we propose, we move forward. We are happy to meet again. Sport makes you happy.

Life resumes through sport. Reflect on a forward-looking and committed vision to move from consumer of an industry to player in this industry, a message shared by Havas or Adidas present during the week.

With nearly 2,000 participants, 110 accredited media and 150 speakers from all over the world, the event takes the form of a huge societal brainstorming session that mixes sport, business and Olympic values ​​and which clearly wants to be part of this logic of heritage. . An entire afternoon will be devoted to the theme “ legacy ” and on stage, sports and media personalities give way to a committed and willing youth to assume the responsibility of being ambassadors of Global Sports Week which would last throughout the year for these 32 “ Young Sports Makers » that we could find tomorrow as a leader because that is what is here and now at the Accor Arena: Shaking up the future of sport and building it together.


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