[La Créa du retail] "The diving board", new campaign by Cultura - Budgets > Agencies

[La Créa du retail] “The diving board”, new campaign by Cultura – Budgets > Agencies



[La Créa du retail]  'The Diving Board', new Cultura campaign

Each week, the editorial staff deciphers the media campaign of a retail player. See you today with the campaign, “The diving board”, launched by Cultura and orchestrated by St John’s Isoskèle.

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The distributor who claims “casual culture for all” wishes to highlight its little-known offer of cultural activities online and at its points of sale. If 75% of French people believe that cultural and artistic activities are necessary for their well-being, 42% of them say they do not practice any for essentially psychological reasons: the fear of not being able to do so for lack of talent.


Faced with this observation, the creative agency St John’s Isoskèle imagined for Cultura the campaign “Le Plongeoir”, centered around pleasure and kindness, which is aimed at everyone and particularly those who have never dared to jump into the water. A way to make your news attractive formula of music lessons, writing and artistic practices. To communicate on this launch, the agency summons the person in charge of the complexes: the good fairy. We follow her in the performance of her duties in a dreamlike maternity ward. But this heroine does not seem determined to treat everyone in the same way… some, still in the cradle, would be gifted for certain arts and others not… at her discretion. Realized by Côme Ferré (production house Wanda), the film is broadcast on VOD platforms and on social networks.


It’s a brand movie with goals of drive to store, in-store events to increase the cultural and artistic activities of the sign, still in notoriety deficit.

The opinion of Bruno Delhomme, creative director of the St John’s Isoskèle agency

“For several years, we have built a brand territory for Cultura focused on a laid-back tone with insights that resonate with people. Cultura offers a very rich and diversified cultural offer, particularly around creative hobbies. Regarding this campaign, the creative spring plays on the gift, the innate and the acquired and overall the talent that everyone seems to lack when embarking on a creative activity. While talent is working. Regardless, the idea is to find an activity that contributes to everyone’s well-being. The fairy imposed itself because it is a caricature in reference to Walt Disney and fairy tales. The idea: dare and have fun. The idea of ​​the diving board allows you to jump into the water without judgement. It is moreover the tone of Cultura in film: a fun and popular writing in his speeches. The director brought a dreamlike universe, accompanied by music by composer Edvard Grieg (Peer Gynt, Suite n° 1), very successful with a very realistic fairy. It sounds very true”.

Campaign: “The Diving Board”

Advertiser: Culture

Agency: St John’s Isoskele

Broadcast: the film is broadcast on VOD platforms and on social networks until October 31, 2022.

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