Kevin Durant dépité en conférence de presse

Kevin Durant knocked out with a bazooka by a legend!



Kevin Durant’s transfer request does not pass with everyone, especially with the older generation. An 80s legend notably trashed the Nets winger recently, criticizing his commitment and motivation. It stings !

It’s not yet known where he will play in 2022-23, after rumors have been flying around for nearly a month, but one thing is certain: Kevin Durant doesn’t want to stay in Brooklyn any longer. The winger has had enough and wants a change of scenery, and given his superstar status, he’s able to push hard to get what he wants. Something some league watchers don’t mind, like Scottie Pippen for example.

On the other hand, the case of the six-time champion remains quite unique among the players of his generation, who taste very little of the behavior of the n°7. The Shaq in particular did not go with a dead hand when giving his verdict on the Slim Reaper, and he has just been joined in his remarks by Dominique Wilkins. Hall of Famer and old glory of Atlanta, the latter squarely took out the sulphur when discussing the case of the double MVP of the Finals:

Ruthless Dominique Wilkins with Kevin Durant

I’m old school. At some point, players will have to realize that no matter what trials and hard times you go through, you have to hang in there and hold on.

When it comes to gritting your teeth despite not having the expected results, Do knows a lot. His Hawks never knew how to go very far in the playoffs, which deprived the legendary winger of a ring. And yet, he remained no less than 12 seasons in Georgia, a sacred proof of loyalty.

Obviously, this kind of loyalty is only very rare in the NBA today, with Damian Lillard as a textbook case. However, the Human Highlight Film makes an important point: the potential is still there in the Nets, provided that everyone is ready to work together towards the same goal. On the side of the fans, we validate in any case the speech of Wilkins, the Internet users urging KD to respect his commitment:

He’s right bro, you signed the deal so go through with it

Dominique Wilkins doesn’t appreciate Kevin Durant’s mentality at all, saying that the latter refuses to face the obstacles he experienced in Brooklyn. According to him, the Slim Reaper had better grit his teeth instead, in order to go through with his project with the New York superteam.

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