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Kevin Durant goes crazy: 70,000 likes in 3 hours for his crazy tweet!



When Kevin Durant goes after someone on social media, it doesn’t take long before it catches everyone’s attention. This is precisely what happened a few hours ago, the Slim Reaper engaged in a verbal jousting noticed with an Internet user.

It’s really not new, Kevin Durant is a character that divides the minds within the NBA community. Incredible player on the floors, it is rather his attitude that is not unanimous, many being those to affirm that he would back down in front of each obstacle, always choosing the easiest way. That’s what happened when he joined the Warriors in 2016, and the summer of 2022 looks to be heading the same way, with the winger looking to leave the Nets after three unsuccessful years.

Unsurprisingly, his decision did not please many observers, in particular Shaquille O’Neal who showed no mercy towards him. The treatment reserved for him is however even worse on the side of the fans, who do not show them any filter when knocking him out. This is precisely what a tweetos has just done, dropping a completely free tackle on the double champion. However, the latter saw it pass on his feed and reacted in stride:

The big clash between KD and a fan on Twitter

Michael Patron : The car wouldn’t start this morning, I arrived late at work and our Internet network is down. Lol. I like this shit. Unlike Kevin Durant, I actually like to take the harder road…it’s basically just problem solving practice.

Kevin Durant : Do you like having a shitty car and going to work without being able to connect to the Internet?

The clash between the two did not take long before making the buzz among other Internet users, exceeding more than 70,000 likes in the space of a few hours. As usual, the Slim Reaper did absolutely no restraint, knocking out his critic who showed a hell of an imagination. The latter did not stop there, dropping a sublime response to KD using a metaphor as original as it was scathing to push him a little further:

I don’t really like having a shitty car, lol – I like solving problems. When a car breaks down, you can fix it – you don’t have to put the car in the trash and go get another one… then throw that car away and go get another one. If you keep trashing cars, maybe you’re the problem, you know?

Kevin Durant never hesitates to show his fangs to rebuff his detractors, but this Internet user has not backed down from the double champion. On the contrary, he gave him a new slap in the face! We can’t wait to see if the Net will respond again.

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