NBA Kevin Durant en galère aux Nets

Kevin Durant comes out of his hole, the meeting that can change everything!



Very discreet since his trade request with the Nets, Kevin Durant does not yet know when he will be traded by his family. The front office is demanding a major counterpart, even if it means scaring away the suitors. But the negotiations could get a boost, with an upcoming meeting with KD in person. The goal ? No one knows.

On June 30, from Nets owner Joe Tsai, Kevin Durant asked from the Nets. Barely three seasons in the Big Apple, and the star felt it was time for a new destination in the NBA. Since ? Not much. Brooklyn has discussed with a few teams to find an agreement, but impossible given the request from the leaders. It would take a mountain of assets to complete such a trade, and no one wants to spend that much, even to lure KD into their roster.

Clearly, this soap opera can last a long time. Durant has four more years on his contract, which means the Nets aren’t in a rush. They can wait until the start of the season to find a deal that suits them, or even wait until the summer of 2023, forcing KD to make a choice. Precisely, the talks should accelerate in the coming weeks, all thanks to a decisive meeting.

Kevin Durant ready to force his departure?

Since his request, the Slim Reaper hasn’t been talked about much. He threw a few punchlines on his twitter account, but he never confirmed his desire to leave, or even less justified his choice. It could be different this week, since according to the site, the interested party will meet Tsai in person to discuss his future. Is he ready to cancel his trade request? Does he want to put pressure on Brooklyn?

Sources say Kevin Durant is set to meet with the Nets owner this week: “I have no idea what’s going to happen on that meeting. There are things that KD is not happy about, and I’m not sure that gets sorted out here. But maybe yes.

You have to be prepared for anything, because if Durant insists on his trade, the Nets won’t be able to stay in such a position for long. According to ESPN reporter Zach Lowe, this is the hope of other franchises:

The crazy scenario would be that Joe Tsai asks his front office to make a deal. To settle for less, to end this melodrama, and move on. The other teams hope for an intervention of this kind.

If such an intervention sees the light of day, it will be after this decisive meeting between Kevin Durant and the Nets. It’s hard to know what will come out of it, but fans are very curious. We should know more by the weekend, we hope.

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