NBA Karl-Anthony Towns flingué par Joel Embiid

Karl-Anthony Towns in the hospital, the creepy news



Called to make a carnage in the snowshoes with Rudy Gobert this year, Karl-Anthony Towns has however just experienced a big scare. The Minnesota pivot had to be hospitalized for a few days recently, according to his own words. And he came back physically transformed!

With nearly 25 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists on average last year, Karl-Anthony Towns was the engine of the Timberwolves who finally returned to the playoffs. In order to do even better in 2022-23, his leaders gave him a very nice gift by setting up a trade for Rudy Gobert, his new sidekick under the circle. This new version of the Twin Towers should cause a lot of damage in the opposing frontcourts, the two men being quite complementary.

However, their first steps together are not for now, because the former No. 1 draft was absent at the start of his team’s training camp. As he revealed to The Athletic, he is recovering from a disease recently contracted, the name of which he did not disclose. On the other hand, we know that this one made him lose a lot of weight. Originally weighing around 112 kilos, he has lost nearly ten, he who is quite sensitive to this kind of infection:

KAT lean as never because of the disease

Karl-Anthony Towns did not go into detail about what he went through, but said he only started walking again after his non-covid-19 illness on Saturday. He dropped to 104 pounds. But says he feels good to be back on the pitch and is getting stronger.

He was in the hospital before the start of training camp. From what I understand he had a viral infection which caused him some problems. He is asthmatic, so he had trouble breathing and we all know his experience with covid-19 (several members of his family died from it, including his mother, editor’s note). But he also said he will be fine when the regular season starts.

It’s never reassuring to learn that a player needs to be hospitalized, especially an athlete with multiple family histories. Fortunately, KAT appears to be healthy again and once he recovers all his faculties, he will be ready to fight again. It will be necessary for Minnesota, which finally wants to pass the stage of the first round. With the workforce in place, coach Chris Finch can in any case develop a very promising dynamic.

Nearly ten kilos, this is what Karl-Anthony Towns lost in a few days following his absence for illness. The good news is that it should not impact him more than that in view of 2022-23, to the delight of the Timberwolves and his new teammate Rudy Gobert.

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