Julien Cadio: "Catalina maximizes the ROI of marketing actions by targeting strategic shoppers before, during and after the act of purchase"

Julien Cadio: “Catalina maximizes the ROI of marketing actions by targeting strategic shoppers before, during and after the act of purchase”



The Story Catalina?

JC – Catalina was born 40 years ago, with the advent of barcodes on products in supermarkets and supermarkets. The founders of the company were on vacation at the time, on Santa Catalina Island, off the coast of California, and it was during this stay that they had this brilliant idea of ​​using this bar code data to create personalized discount coupons to maximize the profitability of promotional or communication actions for manufacturers and retailers

Today, Catalina is a global player with a presence in the United States, Japan and also in Europe. In France, Catalina analyzes data from more than 6,500 points of sale and collects two types of data, which are processed to send personalized messages to the shopper.

In concrete terms, 200 million transactions linked to the EAN code are analyzed monthly. But it is also more than 45 million loyalty cards that we analyze over a two-year history. This allows us to target the shopper based on their purchase history.

Solutions acclaimed by advertisers?

JC – The main objective of this solution is to respond to marketing challenges, but above all to maximize the profitability of promotional actions. Today, this added value appeals to manufacturers who are challenged by the rise in raw materials, of course, and inflation among the shopper.

Our industrial partners are looking for actions that maximize their profitability and this is why today, Catalina works more or less with nine out of ten industrialists on plans for activation, recruitment, loyalty or finally circulation between the ranges.

Loyalty card data and purchase history allow us to navigate shoppers, send them a message that will allow them to discover an innovation, to be recruited on a range or to develop their involvement with customers. ‘A brand.

On the way to omnichannel?

What means that today we do about 350 digital campaigns a year comes from the fact of two added values ​​that are extremely popular with our industrial partners. The first is always to adapt our discount offers according to purchasing behavior. The idea is not to subsidize or generate wastage, but a personalized offer based on natural purchasing behavior linked to loyalty cards, but also on the shopper’s journey and navigation in our ecosystem. We will therefore generate drive to shop, we will bring the shopper when he prepares his shopping list in store, generate sales

And the second objective that we can achieve thanks to this mobile and desktop ecosystem, if I may say so, is to help brands interact with the shopper. The industrialist needs to have consumer opinions in order to be able to develop the innovations of tomorrow and this is what we are going to offer them to have.

This is why we are delighted to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our second brick. After the instore, the digital this year is indeed the advent of the omnichannel or how to work the synergies between these two bricks, through an ultra personalization, which makes it possible to maximize profitability.

Now, the idea is to ensure that the same shopper is reached in store, in the virtual store with the drive and our partner Leclerc or in-store with all of our partners, but also during his shopping list preparation and finally not stopping at a conversion funnel. But to go after that conversion funnel is to make sure they buy and make sure they re-buy

And to re-purchase, you have to maximize your visibility, brand visibility, maximize brand awareness thanks to our media tools on the web through mobile or desktop. Interact with the shopper to ensure their involvement in the brand and behind it, give them interest in also developing their loyalty to make them ambassadors of tomorrow.

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