Au Paris Basketball, Juhann Begarin et Ismaël Kamagate gardent le cap sur la NBA

Juhann Begarin and Ismaël Kamagate stay the course on the NBA



Whether Victor Wembanyama preferred the Metropolitans to Paris Basketball, the club of the capital remains a real nursery. Juhann Begarin and Ishmael Kamagate, already drafted in the NBA, hope in particular to pass a milestone this season to join the big league next year. According to their coach, the project is on the right track.

Juhann Begarin, already “an NBA player” according to his coach

For his first match of the season, at Roland-Garros against AS Monaco, Begarin went just one point short of his career high. His 28 points at 10-16 shooting helped his team enormously to keep face against the leaders of the championship. According to his trainer Will Weaverpassed by the 76ers, the Nets and the Rockets, the back has the talent to play in the United States.

“Begs is an NBA player. A young NBA player, with a lot of room for improvement. But you see in a game like this the physical intensity, the explosiveness and the composure that allowed him to be recruited by one of the best teams in the world. Paris Basketball is a place where he can learn and improve to join the Celtics and make an impact when he does. […] People in Paris and France should enjoy watching him play while they can.”warns the coach.

In the Summer League this summer, Juhann Begarin showed himself in his best light. He posted averages of 18.2 points, 5.4 rebounds and 1.8 steals with Boston, where he was drafted in 2021, in 45th position. Not mature enough to join the last NBA Finalists, he continues to gain experience in France.

The 20-year-old still needs to work on several aspects of his game, including his three-point shot, to earn a place in the big league. “He’s bigger than the outsiders and faster than the insides. He has to keep learning to identify where his advantage is.”also points out Will Weaver.

At Roland-Garros, an unprecedented atmosphere for Paris Basketball and Monaco

Ismaël Kamagate, beautiful promises

Selected in 46th position by Denver, Ismaël Kamagate also hopes to make his way to the United States. At 21, the 2.11m pivot has intriguing potential. Voted best defender in Betclic Elite last year, his height-mobility combination and counter sense seem to have piqued the curiosity of the Nuggets.

Like many European prospects – let alone in such a competitive team – the interior was sent back to his club to finish his preparation. According to the Paris coach, his development is up to the expectations of the NBA.

“Ismaël is a player who makes the difference. He is a very rare kind of player in Europe, he is exceptionally impactful in his screen setting, his pick and rolls, on the offensive rebound and he is a game changer defensively. His impact cannot be measured by his points and the shots he has made. […] I know the Nuggets are very happy with the progress he is making.”assures Will Weaver.

Badly started in its season with a record of 0-5, Paris Basketball can at least rejoice for its young people. If the road looks winding, Juhann Begarin and Ismaël Kamagate could possibly find a place in an NBA roster next year. The step is certainly very high, but not insurmountable.

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