Josh Allen (Bills) : « Je vomis avant chaque match »

Josh Allen (Bills) : « Je vomis avant chaque match »



The habits of NFL players before a game are very diverse. That of Josh Allen is not excellent for the teeth.

On Wednesday, during the golf meeting in which he participated with Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes, the Bills quarterback answered some questions from viewers.

“Question: Josh, is it true that you throw up before every game? If so, are you going to do it today?

Allen: It’s true that I throw up before every game. […]

Question: can you vomit now, that would be great for the audience?

Allen: I probably could. If I start thinking about it, I get nauseous…

Question: after vomiting, do you eat again?

Allen: No, I don’t eat on game days. »

The “no” insistently repeated by Tom Brady seemed to be there to make it clear that the seven-time champion did not really want us to vomit on his white sneakers.

Allen had already confided in this funny habit in a report broadcast by NFL Films in December 2021. He had specified at the time that his teammates are aware, and that they are even there to encourage him.

“After each warm-up, I go inside. My teammates look at me and encourage me. […] “Come on Josh, get your demons out!” » »

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