Le joueur NBA français des Los Angeles Clippers, Nicolas Batum, a été appelé à choisir entre deux légendes de la ligue, à savoir Michael Jordan et Kobe Bryant

Jordan or Kobe? Nicolas Batum slices cash!


Los Angeles Clippers French NBA player Nicolas Batum has been called upon to choose between two league legends namely Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

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Cradled by the NBA of the 90s, Nicolas Batum was therefore able to follow the exploits of Michael Jordan, before facing his heir No. 1, Kobe Bryant, in the league. Interviewed by RMC Sportsthe French winger however had to make a choice between the two legends… and did not hesitate for long!

Like any player who arrives in the NBA, he had the opportunity to evolve against some of his childhood idols. Unfortunately for him, Nicolas Batum arrived a little too late on the courts of the league to meet the biggest of them, namely Michael Jordan. On the other hand, he was able to face on many occasions a certain Kobe Bryantand recently found himself forced to make a choice between the two champions.

Nicolas Batum gets wet in the Jordan / Kobe debate

Back in France after another convincing season in the ranks of the Clippers, Batum is preparing meticulously for the Eurobasket to come. He also took the opportunity to make a stop at the premises of RMC Sports, and answer some tricky questions about the orange ball and the NBA. Among them, an opposition between Jordan and Kobe, against which Nic quickly knew how to make a decision!

MJ! Even if Kobe is, well… I grew up with MJ, so Michael Jordan. And I had him as my boss too! I had him as my boss, Mike. So no, Jordan.

Whether it’s through his accomplishments as a player, which Batman watched with passion as a child, or through their working relationship with the Hornets, MJ still retains his former player’s favor.

Something to go against the trend in this case, and prioritize a player from another era over one of his contemporaries. Indeed, the members of the older generation will rather have the habit of highlighting their peers, rather than recognizing the talent of their predecessors or successors. A bias that Batum fully assumes.

It must be said that facing Kobe was also able to remove the mythical aspect of the Black Mamba in his mind. After all, the captain of the Blues tended to shine in front of him, as evidenced by his averages over their 16 confrontations (13.5 points, 3.9 rebounds, 2.6 assists). So many reasons that lead him to prefer Jordan to the legend of the Lakers!

As a former member of the Hornets, and incidentally a Clippers player, Nicolas Batum almost had to snub Kobe Bryant in favor of Michael Jordan. Apart from Mamba fans, the Frenchman did not disappoint anyone!

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