Joel Embiid va découvrir l'équipe de France !

Joel Embiid in Blue, Vincent Collet ultra-cash!



A few weeks ago, Joel Embiid received a French passport, thus becoming selectable to evolve with the Blues in the next major international competitions. Asked about this at a press conference, Vincent Collet answered bluntly, and he should make many fans smile.

Since the announcement of his naturalization, all basketball enthusiasts have wondered if Joel Embiid will one day wear the jersey of the France team. It must be said that this prospect is particularly enticing on the sporting level, he who is undoubtedly one of the best players on the planet. Fans around the world are jealous to the idea of ​​a potential interior trio formed by the Process, Rudy Gobert and the prodigy Victor Wembanyama.

One is a historically dominant defensive player, the other an offensive machine with a well-developed arsenal, when the future No. 1 in the 2023 Draft is the perfect combination of their qualities. The problem is that offering a place in the France team to a player who has no particular attachment to this country except the language raises questions. Besides, many executive players had expressed themselves on this subject after the announcement

Vincent Collet gives the green light to Joel Embiid!

In the end, whether we are for or against the arrival of Joel Embiid with the Blues, the decision is in the hands of one and only man, namely coach Vincent Collet. And during the press conference which officially launches the preparation for the EuroBasket of the start of the school year, the tactician spoke very clearly on this boiling file. Get ready, the EDF racket is going to take a step!

My position, when Joel Embiid is going to be completely selectable, both for reasons of papers but also of physical condition, I don’t see why I wouldn’t select him. We have always, as much as possible, taken the best players. So I consider that from the moment it is selectable, it belongs to this category. This is my position.

Vincent Collet is clear, he has always selected the best players for major competitions, Joel Embiid is obviously part of the world’s gratin, so he should quickly wear the Blues jersey! A decision that is likely to cause a lot of talk for ethical issues, even if other countries do not hesitate to build their workforce around naturalized players. Be that as it may, on a purely sporting level, this is great news for the French team two years from the Paris Olympics!

Vincent Collet made this very clear, as soon as the final details administrative will be settled, Joel Embiid will officially become a player of the France team! Excellent sports news that should allow the Blues to get a little closer to Team USA.

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