Jalen Green 11 avril 2022

Jalen Green’s box to end his rookie season



Off-peak times oblige, TrashTalk has taken the habit each summer of making you relive with emotion the greatest moments of the past season. Even in 2021, moreover, despite a summer that had then put all of our vital forces in PLS, but that’s another story. So we go back to our good old formula, we take a few steps back, a few months, and we remember that this 2021-22 season was crazy, from the first day to the last. Today ? A look back at Jalen Green’s huge performance to complete his rookie campaign.

Selected number 2 in the 2021 NBA Draft just behind Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green had a first season filled with ups and downs among the big boys. No wonder for a rookie, even his talent. Because you can have your hands full of basketball and still struggle some nights in the best basketball league in the world. But after a somewhat complicated period of adaptation in the jersey of his new Rockets team, friend Jalen had the merit of taking off like a rocket during the last matches of the regular, chaining the big individual performances in the middle of the countless Houston losses. And to preview things to come next season, he simply saved the best for last.

April 10, 2022, last day of the regular season. Houston has nothing left to play apart from the first pick of the draft but opposite, the Hawks are fighting for a place in the postseason. Unsurprisingly, we are witnessing a meeting where the defense is clearly not a priority, enough to offer a perfect playground for Jalen Green to achieve his biggest card. After a shy start to say the least, the number 2 of the Draft exploded in the second quarter where he planted no less than 13 points in six minutes. And yeah, he’s like that Jalen, a little jagged around the edges but when it gets hot he’s not kidding. Green chains up the parking lot banderillas as if he were Trae Young, before using his athletic qualities from Pluto to martyr the Falcons: from sharp penetrations to enticing finishes, Houston’s number 0 is nothing like a zero. The kid even allows himself to drop an alley-oop reverses his head to the hoop, because like on the last day of school “we do what we want”. And if Atlanta still largely dominates the debates, Jalen Green takes advantage of the last minutes of the season to add 16 points in the only fourth quarter, to the delight of Houston fans still present in the room despite a 60th defeat which is draw. Finally ? 41 points (14/26 shooting, 4/11 3-pointers, 9/11 free throws) and a personal career best for the boy.

“It means a lot to me to finish the season strong. »

A symbolic performance of the last outings of Jalen Green, author in particular of five consecutive games at least 30 points during the last two weeks of the regular, and running at more than 22 units on average at 48% in shooting including 39% at 3-points after the All-Star Break. Enough to predict very good things for his sophomore campaign, which promises to be filled with highlights and big offensive explosions. Houston, fasten your seatbelts!

Never really in the race for the title of Rookie of the Year last year, Jalen Green nevertheless reminded everyone at the end of the season why he was drafted in second position by Houston. He was also voted best rookie of the month for March in the West before receiving a place (slightly controversial, isn’t it Josh Giddey?) in the best five of the rookies for the 2021-22 season.

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