Le meneur star NBA des Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant, a livré une grosse réaction suite au revers essuyé par son équipe dans le Game 4 de la série face aux Golden State Warriors

Ja Morant destroys: “Stop your bullshit”



Ja Morant does not hesitate to show that he has confidence in his abilities, even if it means dropping shocking declarations. One of them, however, continues to be controversial a few weeks later, and a former NBA champion has also atomized him on this subject recently. It stings !

MIP in 2021-22, author of a campaign with more than 27 points, 6 rebounds and 7 average assists in addition to going to the conference semifinals: Ja Morant coming off a particularly successful season. The Grizzlies point guard is officially a superstar, and he knows it. Suddenly, he multiplies the sensational declarations since, convinced that he will do even better next year. Even Michael Jordan has not escaped it, the n°12 being persuaded that he would have smoked it in 1-vs-1.

Only here, these kinds of outings about His Airness are considered blasphemous by a vast majority of the NBA community, and it’s no surprise that the crazy dunker got turned on in stride. The exasperation towards him has not calmed down since, in particular on the side of those who were active on the floors at the same time as the six-time champion. Vernon Maxwell notably spoke recently, in order to say what he thought of it:

Vernon Maxwell publicly turns on Ja Morant

Man, when you look at this shit, when they bring out the schedule in the summer, when they put these damn schedules, you look and circle that damn date against Chicago and the night before, for me it’s sleepless nights man , it’s really difficult. You know, that son of a bitch doesn’t know how to stop attacking you. Mike is Mike, the best player I’ve ever played, because I never thought I would see something like this.

Coming from Mad Max, who was really no friend of No. 23 on the court, that says a lot about the legend of the Bulls. The latter hasn’t been getting much respect lately. Draymond Green having made quite similar remarks about Chicago in the second three-peat. A trend that greatly annoys Maxwell, who wants them to respect their elders. It was therefore Morant who had the right to his wrath:

All these kids talk so much shit. Ja, you know I adore you and your dad, but you gotta stop the bullshit.

That is what is said, difficult to be clearer. Whether he wanted it or not, the Memphis guard painted a target behind his back with his controversial opinion and the eyes will therefore be all the more riveted on him in 2022-23. It would be better for him to be up to it then, otherwise he would be set on fire.

Cedric Maxwell did not appreciate Ja Morant’s words about Michael Jordan at all, and he wanted to make it known in a brutal way. Decidedly, this insurance of the leader of the Grizzlies will end up getting him into big trouble!

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