La superstar NBA des Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul, s'est indirectement moquée des Los Angeles Lakers de son ami LeBron James lors de sa dernière sortie médiatique

“I’ve never seen that”: the trade request of a big name in the West is controversial!



While the Celtics are already having a complicated offseason, the Suns are not necessarily very far away with the soap opera Robert Sarver, which will sell the franchise. Jae Crowder decided to add some fuel to the fire by publicly asking for his trade… in a bit of a weird way. Even on the side of Internet users, the surprise is there.

While some franchises are quietly preparing for the new season that is coming, with training camp, others have to manage very complex files. No need to talk about the Celtics with Ime Udoka, when the Suns are right there. The Arizona franchise found itself in trouble two weeks ago after the case of Robert Sarver, the owner, who has exhibited racist and sometimes sexist behavior for the past 18 years, on multiple occasions.

The NBA decided to sanction him with a fine and a suspension, which had the gift of provoking the wrath of LeBron James himself. Many personalities have criticized the league, while sponsors have threatened to drop Phoenix if Sarver is still in place when it resumes. Under pressure, the owner decided to sell the organization, but that doesn’t mean the Suns are out of the woods.

Trade request confirmed at the Suns!

For the past few days, the name of Jae Crowder has been making the buzz in Phoenix, since the player has asked for his trade in a public way. in a recent post. He has just quietly confirmed this version with a new tweet this Sunday:

You have to look for work where you are wanted… where you need it! I am grateful for what these past two years have taught me! Now I have to accept a new challenge and keep working hard! For those who closed the door on me… thank you! 99 will be back soon 🥷🏾🤫🤐

If some still had doubts, Crowder will not return to the Suns. Shams Charania also confirmed the news, explaining that the player and his team were going to seek a trade in the coming days to end this soap opera, which is beginning to take an atypical turn.

The particularity ? Crowder posted a two-minute video to his Instagram account, where he seeks to ramp up his hype with franchises. Something “never seen” for some:

I have never seen a hype video for a trade request before

Trade request, two-minute video for hyper franchises, capitalized tweets: Jae Crowder is creating a hell of a mess with the Suns, who don’t really need that. At least the veteran is on the market, and no doubt the battle will be there to recruit him. His destination should be known in the coming days.

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