NBA Kevin Durant en galère aux Nets

“It’s the perfect team for Kevin Durant”



Very uncertain about his future, Kevin Durant can only wait. The player hopes to be traded before the season resumes, but it’s becoming increasingly likely that a deal won’t be reached before then. A scenario à la Ben Simmons? We’re going straight for it, although a franchise can still turn things around.

A month and a half already that Kevin Durant tries to leave the Nets, without much success. It must be said that with four years of contract, it is Brooklyn who finds himself in a position of strength. If the conditions are not met to cede the star, then Sean Marks will do nothing at all. We remember how the Ben Simmons episode ended with the Sixers, with a Daryl Morey who knew how to temporize. Time has proven him right.

The Nets no doubt want to adopt a similar tactic, hoping that a team decides to do what is necessary to sign KD. It is not yet known what will happen, but a trade before the training camp, which will take place at the end of September, is increasingly unlikely. Nothing to bother the Nets about, though Durant could make a strong call to score.

The Sixers, perfect for Kevin Durant?

But while waiting for an evolution in this file, we can be sure that the rumors will fuse on social networks. It’s hard to know what will happen next, but many are hoping for a move to the Sixers. This is the case of polemicist Nick Wright, who believes that Philly is the perfect destination for Durant. Playing with James Harden and Joel Embiid? It could do some serious damage.

It doesn’t surprise me that Kevin Durant is able to look at the Sixers and think that Joel Embiid is excellent. He knows it can work with James Harden on the court. It really doesn’t surprise me that he can say to himself, “Yes, we could win a title, and no one will accuse me of joining a champion since this team has reached the conference final only once since Julius Erving.” I understand why this is so interesting for him.

Suffice to say that the Sixers are a real destination for KD, even if a trade is far from certain. After James Harden’s trade, one can logically wonder if Morey still has enough assets to convince the Nets? Probably not. It will be necessary to play with a third franchise to complete a trade, which complicates the talks. The interest may exist, not sure that Philly manages to conclude this file.

What is certain, however, is that Durant would have no problem finding Harden on the floor. Some tension between the two men has been mooted in the past, especially since his departure from the Nets. But saw the recent video from the Barcelona side, we imagine that they are on good terms, and ready to do it again. Do the Sixers still have to find an agreement with the Nets.

Kevin Durant at the Sixers? It must be admitted that the idea is pleasant, but it is unlikely that such a scenario will see the light of day. The Nets are greedy, while Philly no longer has many assets in its pockets. KD unfortunately has no real choice, and must prepare to land anywhere.

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