NBA Les Clippers sur la piste de Malcolm Brogdon

“It’s obvious the Clippers had a better offseason than the Lakers”



The battle for Los Angeles will be back next year, with the Clippers healthy and the Lakers having things to make up for after a huge fiasco. However, who has made the best offseason so far? For this former league player, there is no doubt that a team has already taken the lead, even before the restart.

Not easy to support the teams of Los Angeles for some time, and especially last year. If the Clippers have been able to show some beautiful things, impossible to dream of a title with a Kawhi Leonard absent, and an equally injured Paul George for most of the season. The Lakers? No need to go back on their fiasco, but there are things to rectify, and not just a little. Fortunately, everything should be back to normal for the start of this new exercise.

The Lakers already dominated by the Clippers?

It is not yet known who will take over, but the Angelinos have been active with the arrivals of Thomas Bryant, or even Lonnie Walker from the Spurs. Role players for the majority, although Rob Pelinka is working in hopes of signing a big name, like Kyrie Irving. The Clippers? John Wall has come to lend a hand, he who is vengeful after so many injuries. For Matt Barnes, it is obvious that a team has the advantage.

The Clippers have a team with a lot of depth, which was able to develop an identity last year without the stars. That’s why I love this team. They played all season without the two monsters. Paul George came back at the end, to give a little boost. But Reggie Jackson and all the others, they were able to get a great experience, knowing that the squad will be full next year.

Indeed, and even if the Clippers did not have the dream season, there were beautiful things like Reggie Jackson and other players on the bench. With Kawhi back and a healthy PG13, Tyronn Lue’s men are understandably confident for what’s next. According to Barnes, the arrival of Wall is also a very nice thing, since it will help boost the lead.

And now there’s a vengeful John Wall. Say what you want about him, but during his time with the Rockets, he averaged 20 points and 8 assists. He is a person who has things to prove, who wants to show that he still belongs in this league.

Between Wall and Jackson, the Clippers’ backcourt is among the best defensively. To me, it’s clear the franchise had a better offseason than the Lakers. Even though they have a new coach and a few bonus young players, it’s obvious the Clippers are better.

Is Matt Barnes right? In any case, the former player has a clear opinion, which will be verified on the floor. The reality on the ground is often different, even if the Clippers are attractive on paper. We can’t wait to get back to this Los Angeles derby.

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